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Originally Posted by Butler View PostThe socks colour should match the trouser's - whatever the colour of the shoes!bigstar[1].gifWhat exactly do you mean by "match" – "go well with it" or "be the same"? I guess the latter.[/quote]Actually, either will work - the main point is, not to let the shoe colour decide. The benefit is twofold; It provides a more "together" look and, for the vertically challenged, it elongates the profile a bit.(and it is a rule )
The socks colour should match the trouser's - whatever the colour of the shoes!
Adding a slipped DB waistcoat - oh dear!
I venture to disagree - the Tonik's non crease capabilities are vastly exagerated, but a lovely cloth it is!
Pænt - men det er den rynkede placket ikke - stryg den på bagsiden samtidig med at du strækker stoffet udNår nu strygejernet er fremme, så pres bukserne, ikke stryge men presse!)+ ægte knaphulsblom, ikke metal smykke.mvh
I trust what is seen on top of trousers, is the waistcoat and not a belt buckle
Looking good Erik - a few nitpicks:Trousers not quite high enough to hide a bit of shirt, if the waistcoat was longer it would of course hide it, but then the waistcoat would show under the coat (allready borderline) which is a no no. Also your tie should be in front of the wing tips!
How I do it - DB on DB
What I consider about my expertise is not relevant, or even interesting - more so if my international clients feel they are getting their monies worth.Just a few last comments:The Black(!) jacket outfit originated, as you know, when a less formal and more practical costume than the tailcoats were sought. It was used, not only by 'gentelmen' but widely by officeworkers etc.It is today considered informal daytime wear, opposed to the Morning coat, which is formal day wear.As...
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