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That particular jacket (contest stitching, ticket pocket, etc.), that tie (ugh), that color trouser with that jacket, etc. I understand that Butler knows what he's doing, but my personal opinion is I've never seen him look worse. In other words, that's not my style. [/quote]
It is definitively a sports coat - with pocket flaps tucked in
Very nice hanging trousers
Dolbeau twin colored, raw silk bow and some Hitchcock tweed
Well...Photo: Journal of Style
And the mother lode of course!
228 £ for shoe bags are even more incredible considering the labour involved - I have been too cheap to go for that
Minnis fresco 558 I'm surprised that nobody has noticed the incredibly bad fit of the waistcoat! This might just as well be OTR - Assuming that this is the finished product - it is appears not only too short, but doesn't cling to the body as it is supposed to. Mind you, this observation is made by someone who has used Gennaro (at LH) with excellent results.
Challenge X-post: Steven Hitchcock SB DV 3 piece - T & A shirt with Budd collar - Hermes tie - J.Lobb boots
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