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It certainly appears white on my monitor - does not matter anyhow, it's not black!🎩
Sorry,but that is not a stroller - it would never include a white waist coat! (Whereas, to the surprise of many, a Black Tie rig can!)🎩
Whenever a daytime event, formality wise, does not require a Morning Coat; a state funeral or a royal christening does - the Stroller will be correct attire, echoing the seriousness of the occasion.🎩
This reminds me of an earlier example of a comparison between an A&S expat, Steven Hitchcock (Flannel DB) and a leading Italian house (albeit not Milanese) Rubinacci, Naples (Cashmere DB)
steed vs a caraceni, your thoughts? Excellent question ! 😎
A, Caraceni
Not dark socks with white trousers please!
No - only some ancient ones that have little use in our modern society, which is why I (partly) can make a living out of it. Mostly TV and Film companies who want to make sure that everything is correct - historically and otherwise. Think Downton Abbey (which I was not associated with, though)etc. but also UHNW individuals, these days often russians (!) and would you believe, members of european royalty.
I am he! As already mentioned in this thread - it is mainly the occasion that dictates the outfit, not the time of day or season. Season only plays a part, when there are several versions of a given outfit, such as white/black dinner jackets or straw hats.And yes, I'm danish
Not correct Sir
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