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Opposite ends of the formality scale this week: Opening of new Marina Which cake will the UK choose? Steven Hitchcock morning coat with grey DB waistcoat and cashmere trousers, John Lobb St. James's boots. Photo: Jes Larsen www.territorium.dk
It is in fact an overcoat!
I have very rarely seen it work - anyhow I really don't see the point -, why emphasize one of the least attractive parts of mens body the ankles - a n d break a nice line?
Originally Posted by Butler View PostThe socks colour should match the trouser's - whatever the colour of the shoes!bigstar[1].gifWhat exactly do you mean by "match" – "go well with it" or "be the same"? I guess the latter.[/quote]Actually, either will work - the main point is, not to let the shoe colour decide. The benefit is twofold; It provides a more "together" look and, for the vertically challenged, it elongates the profile a bit.(and it is a rule )
The socks colour should match the trouser's - whatever the colour of the shoes!
Adding a slipped DB waistcoat - oh dear!
I venture to disagree - the Tonik's non crease capabilities are vastly exagerated, but a lovely cloth it is!
Pænt - men det er den rynkede placket ikke - stryg den på bagsiden samtidig med at du strækker stoffet udNår nu strygejernet er fremme, så pres bukserne, ikke stryge men presse!)+ ægte knaphulsblom, ikke metal smykke.mvh
I trust what is seen on top of trousers, is the waistcoat and not a belt buckle
Looking good Erik - a few nitpicks:Trousers not quite high enough to hide a bit of shirt, if the waistcoat was longer it would of course hide it, but then the waistcoat would show under the coat (allready borderline) which is a no no. Also your tie should be in front of the wing tips!
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