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Not correct Sir
Very well - so, are you proud of your work? 🤕
I have already explained about the back less waistcoat - it is slipped in the same color as the ivory (W. Bill) linen DB suit and all made by NSM😎
Ha ha no one!This was a reference to Cox's professional suggestion,when he started posting,and did not likemy face 😎
Al right then;Erik has already explained about the heavy workload,so we divided the task between us; I take care of Erica's needs,and Erik shoot the photos!It is hard work,but somebody has to do it - besides I need the money to pay for all the Botox you have prescribed for this old fart 😎
Yes,and it is simply called a backless waistcoat,commonly used with a black tie rig, but obviously very useful in all warm situations😎
With respect - I don't think so - they are jeans!, so there is a certain amout of "stacking" involved. The strong wind hitting me also made it look exaggerated, they are fine when walking or sitting.
Well - the archetypical, patronising, complacent and pretensious attitude, often associated with the traditional "showbusiness" Butler
Opening of new Marina
Which cake will the UK choose? Steven Hitchcock morning coat with grey DB waistcoat and cashmere trousers, John Lobb St. James's boots. Photo: Jes Larsen www.territorium.dk
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