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I am he! As already mentioned in this thread - it is mainly the occasion that dictates the outfit, not the time of day or season. Season only plays a part, when there are several versions of a given outfit, such as white/black dinner jackets or straw hats.And yes, I'm danish
Not correct Sir
Very well - so, are you proud of your work? 🤕
I have already explained about the back less waistcoat - it is slipped in the same color as the ivory (W. Bill) linen DB suit and all made by NSM😎
Ha ha no one!This was a reference to Cox's professional suggestion,when he started posting,and did not likemy face 😎
Al right then;Erik has already explained about the heavy workload,so we divided the task between us; I take care of Erica's needs,and Erik shoot the photos!It is hard work,but somebody has to do it - besides I need the money to pay for all the Botox you have prescribed for this old fart 😎
Yes,and it is simply called a backless waistcoat,commonly used with a black tie rig, but obviously very useful in all warm situations😎
With respect - I don't think so - they are jeans!, so there is a certain amout of "stacking" involved. The strong wind hitting me also made it look exaggerated, they are fine when walking or sitting.
Well - the archetypical, patronising, complacent and pretensious attitude, often associated with the traditional "showbusiness" Butler
Opening of new Marina
New Posts  All Forums: