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Here is the green velvet lining - and it is meant to be a Jack the Ripper paraphrase!!Click for bigger size Callahan - We are Dandy
Thanks - but it is Cape - and not Dracula - Google! 😎
Getting ready for an evening walk in Whitechapel looking for fresh liver Photo Rose Callahan - We are Dandy
[/SIZE] Rubinacci Cashmere DB & Steven Hitchcock ivory flannels
I subscribe to this notion - so from the archives:Steven Hitchcock 3 piece
Thanks very much indeed Gentlemen - I'm skiing in the Alps with sporadic connection at the moment, so could one of the runners up please carry the torch?
The warrant is with Stevens father John Hitchcock who will still take care of HRH although retired from A&S. SH does not do freebies
My tailor Steven Hitchcock has made several items including Dinner jacket an topcoat for HRH ☻
Rubinacci cashmere coat/yellow trousers by Steven Hitchcock, NSM DB ivory linen suit, Loob St James's Nubucks:bigstar: Photo Sartorial Notes
IT is Called an Imperial collar - which I actually use sometimes with Black tie albeit not as deep as shown here.No flak, and if those flattering remarks were about me; You are too kind ☻
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