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New Bond villain audition - testing Heckler &Koch with female arms dealer - click for larger version Steven Hitchcock 3 piece worn yesterday but the pic is older.
Do you feel that your shirt maker has succeeded in getting the proportions vis a vis your neck and the depth of your collar right?
Right,I see!
He's has been back with Hitchcock for a long time - never heard why Plews should go to the Palace. Another Hitchcock goes occasionally.
What is wrong - is that the bow tie is tied wider than the distance between his eyes, but unforunately a common mistake!
Perhaps Whippet would be best served by Steven Hitchcock who is the youngest and last of SR tailors with own shop, to be trained both as a tailor a n d a cutter (at A& S of course) thus earning the title of 'Master Tailor' - oh I forgot, he does not want to pay the price
It certainly appears white on my monitor - does not matter anyhow, it's not black!🎩
Sorry,but that is not a stroller - it would never include a white waist coat! (Whereas, to the surprise of many, a Black Tie rig can!)🎩
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