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not necessarily.If there can be some 3D representation of a foot it can be done.Not likely to happen but it's possible.
You're an alcoholic. Get help.
haha fair enough.I feel like pretty much any ab work will help in conjunction with hamstring isolation work.Other than that it's probably just your anatomy.
is it actual anterior pelvic tilt that causes you proper posture issues and severe back pain or have you just been listening to youtube PTs too much?
Most people take a bit longer than 6 months to get to a 250lb bench.Most people don't care about 1rm either, and they shouldn't.
I do wonder why there's a desire for statistics on what is a purely a qualitative issue, in every sense of the word. It's one of the few occasions where stats are completely irrelevant.
Yeah, this was basically my point.I try to avoid words like "consumption" as much as possibly lest people dismiss my thoughts as that of a free-wheeling hippy, but I think I diluted my point there.Yup.
That is heavy shit.Gym helps bro.Also, joining working hard on your job and joining a social sports team is pretty much a necessity after this shit. It's a massive gap in terms of self esteem and hormones etc that needs to be replaced by a lot of positive things.Sure you already know that but you gotta be active about this shit.
Ouch.It might work out well for them because of their positions matching up well, but in this scenario I'd much rather be you (unless you're also in your 40s, in which case oh well). a) you don't have kids b) you're not divorced.Plus, as you mentioned you're not sure whether she'd have wanted kids again.Honestly, it was a fairly unworkable situation.
Just a few points about pricing and consumption. In my experience we tend to have people who either: 1. Purchase 3-4 work/dress shoes, maybe in the $3-500 dollar range. 2. Purchase 10+ pairs of shoes - these are not people buying Allen Edmonds, I'm afraid. These tend to be people buying progressively more expensive shoes. Even in the case of HW shoes being more expensive (which they aren't for group number 2 who are buying very expensive GYW shoes), they are clearly...
New Posts  All Forums: