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Lately I've been wearing women's tunic-tee type things and modifying the sleeves by cutting slits in them. e.g. this type of thing Generally fits like a long-ish t-shirt on me. It's weird around the chest/shoulders at first because it's tight through the arms and doesn't hang loosely like it does on the model, but if you can cut into the sleeves a little it sits nice and loose. Benefit is that women tend to have much nicer designs at the mall to mid-range level.
cotton on tees still work for me.
Pretty much describing all of NZ and England
If you guys like Lemaire you would also like Sherie Muijs
It's moot anyway since you can't copyright design. https://www.ted.com/talks/johanna_blakley_lessons_from_fashion_s_free_culture?language=en#t-7085 Dunno about the patterns if they're the actual physical patterns that Drew cut...but yeah I think they're in the clear. I guess you might have a legal standpoint if you claim that Charly was an employee and he used Drew's contacts to start his own business...but I doubt even that would stand. I'm not a lawyer though.
It shouldn't matter too much. The difference between front and back squat isn't all that great. Front squats are just harder because it's mechanically harder for the back to help.Back squat is better bang-for-the-buck than front, if I had to choose. But any of those options would be fine, IMO. Whichever you can keep up the longest.
Yeah those are sexy. @Pio: Also check out Yamaha Pacifica. Really nice vintage style aesthetics with excellent quality and playability.
I like it man. Looks cool. I don't mind the noiseless pups either, though I prefer the ones that used to have lace pickups in them.
Wait..those are chips that change the wiring circuit? Is that what's going on there? Or are they different active boost options?Either way it's pretty cool. Not massively useful, but still cool.
is that the one with the mid-range boost/active circuit?
New Posts  All Forums: