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The problem is digitech makes the only decent whammy
Facilitation is incredibly important but I do agree that the remuneration in the finance industry is ridiculous when it's so much greater than the actual contributors. Highly motivated people are in every field but I do think the finance sector is attracting too many at the expense of productive industries.But yeah, meh.
Nothing. Get used to it.
tryna submit? Some of them are such morons man.
you'd be ending up with around $50k of disposable income. To me, that's quite a lot of money. I don't think many would choose to live alone either.
Even in a high cost of living place, 100K for a single person with no responsibilities is pretty well off.
Anything over $100K is fucking great. If you're starting on over 100k then you're very well off.
It seems like shit you don't really need much of a degree to do, just some basic maths. Maybe I'm missing something. I think I'd be bored out of my mind but I guess with all that money there's extra-curricular fun to be had.
maybe foo was a shit lawyer?tbh I get the feeling Foo doesn't have to worry about money anyway. Could be wrong.Anyway, far more important shit to think about like do you actually enjoy what you're doing...
$150K is a lot of money.
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