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Mjaddara is such a simple but delicious dish. Can also cook the lentils with the rice in the rice cooker which makes it ridiculously easy
I gave it to Jacobs tbh but I don't feel like it was a robbery or anything.
Glute activation falls into the same category of bullshit as nerve flossing
lol jesus
I don't bother with any protein powder or supplements unless you count vitamin D in winter and B12. None of them have enough of an effect that it's worth it. Better to focus on getting a good night's sleep and eating healthily.
Errol Spence has been avoiding drug testing so he won't get near the WBC belt
Picking Thurman over Garcia. Really hate the Haye-Bellew fight tbh, but Haye should win easily.
Khan sells UK views though, doesn't he? Aside from whether it sells, it's a good fight IMO.
Tell me why these pants aren't on the webstore before I murder someone
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