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Is there a reason Donovan is a "real" coach? Appears to be getting worse results with a significantly better team than Brooks had. I don't know shit about basketball, fwiw.
Also if you come from a powerlifting background you're probably used to low back squat and lots of forward lean, whereas if you're doing front squats and cleans you need to stay as upright as possible.
As mentioned, keep elbows up throughout the movement. Don't let them drop.You'll be fine after a couple of weeks. Your wrists will get flexible enough pretty quickly.Make sure you're doing the movements properly: Check with Olympic weighlifting coaches, not crossfir coaches.
tl:dr is to just front squat moarGeneral arm proportions, muscle insertions and how upright you stay in the front squat makes a big difference. If you use olympic shoes you'll be able to stay more upright which can help. But even in flat shoes it shouldn't be too much of a problem after about a month of doing it regularly. I did find it put a lot of strain on the tendons in my elbows, and since I'm not a weightlifter I just moved back to cross arm grip. If you're a...
I played a Tele with a lace hot gold in the neck which sounded good. I like their pickups in general though, and they're pretty polarising.
Think he means as in bro culture, which seems to be the case for surgeons across the world, but particularly Ortho.You have to be a certain bro-y type of guy/girl to be accepted. I'm not a doctor or surgeon but I've encountered many female doctors who have said this, and it matches my experience when I've had surgery.
just slang for a low-ish output humbucker
what's wrong with it?
also this
how's the floyd coming along?I've spent the last 5 years avoiing all tremolos as much as possible and using digitech whammys when absolutely necessary, and it looks like someone has finally answered my prayers:
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