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Oh wait, are you referring to that organ sound in the background? I didn't realise that was part of the effect.Sounds nice but I'm not sure what use I'd have for it.
I have no idea what the best fender amp is. I'm not hearing any pitch shifting there. Just oscillation of harmonics.
That shimmering comes when you have a good amp...don't really get why theyd have a setting for it on a pedal.
Yes I know, I was disagreeing with a post that didn't involve you - the suggestion that he should avoid oversized clothing because of his height etc.. I brought up your handle as a joke.
Well the dressing for your body type ideas are completely separate from just wearing clothes that fit and are the right size.Whenever we have a conversation regarding dressing to your body type it becomes convoluted with a whole bunch of weird guidelines, 90% of which are based around making things look good in photographs (e.g. elongating vertical lines etc and other weird "tricks" that miss the point in the same way pickup artists miss the point - no one buys it and even...
Does your amp not have a reverb?
The one thing I'd do is tuck in the shirt and/or go for a collarless shirt instead. Or at least unbutton another button.
dressing-for-your-body-type conversations are a complete waste of everyone's time. Ban Teger Alex's fit looks fine to me.
^disagree with pretty much everything you said.
Cheers. I think we're the same size in everything so I'm going for the 50.
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