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My point was just that putting tubes in a pedal isn't any more likely to replicate a "authentic" tube breakup than a solid state pedal. Preamp overdrive has always been relatively easy to emulate with SS pedals - depending on how the pedal is voiced the gain knob does a pretty good job even on the cheapest pedals. It was the power amp and speaker emulation that took a while to figure out.
I only like it for certain applications. people running 4x12s are clearly not looking for speaker breakup.
My experience is that I could always get perfectly fine overdrive and distortion from OD-1s and DS-1s. It was the clean tones that I struggled to replicate in solid state.That's not an issue any more for me. I'm completely done with tubes now.Keep in mind your pedal is a tube preamp, so it doesn't replicate an overdriven tube amp which also has poweramp clipping and speaker breakup.
I'm kinda different in that I never, ever use the volume pots on my guitar. They're always maxed out. Why? because as soon as I back off the volume, there's a corresponding loss in the high frequencies. I hate that. Prefer to just use a buffered volume pedal. I do switch between bridge and neck and full humbucking to single coil all the time though.
Pro-tip - you don't even need overdrive from your pedal, you just need any old pedal where you can set the level high enough to drive your amp into distortion.
I'm not completely in tune with all this stuff but how exactly would that be out of phase when none of the pickups' phase is inverted? Or is it just the sound that you're talking about that resembles out of phase?
Isn't that what your amp is for?
This, IMO.There are various things you can try to see if they address this including as simple as wearing a necklace or either higher or lower neckline undershirts.I also imagine that upping the contrast of the photo (if you can be bothered with that type of thing) and/or making it black and white makes a lot of problems disappear on the internet. But we're not into thumb gathering so I wouldn't worry about that.
that's still not helpful but I'm not exactly surprised.
Hmmm, not sure I like that then. Have to turn down the volume on each pup to select. Would be a bit clumsy.
New Posts  All Forums: