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Encre Noir always smells fresh and green to me, I actually prefer it in spring.
Ah sorry. They fit 8.5 US.
From the best Ervell season IMO, SS10. Great summer jean. Unfortunately I no longer fit them - too many squats.
These were commissioned 4 years ago from a small bespoke Italian shoemaker named Piergiacomi. As you can see, the construction is genuine Bentivegna style, which is a REAL handmade shoe (unlike Goodyear etc), and only attempted by master Italian shoemakers. The construction, along with the No. 8 Horween Shell Cordovan makes these virtually indestructible. They have been worn somewhat frequently but as you can see, very little wear shows because of the bulletproof shell,...
In perfect condition, I have way too many knits and have barely worn this. It's beautiful, soft and luxurious. Check out my other threads as I have become vegan and am thus selling all my leather and wool products. Size 50, which is between a medium and a large depending on how you size things.
Was thinking of visiting Karak this week. I think I'll go to As-Salt instead
There's no reason to buy a new guitar made from traditional woods, in my opinion. Synthetic materials are better anyway and don't cause the same destruction.
Man, that was a disappointing fight. Parker is really uninspiring against shorter fighters.
Yeah I have Parker by KO, maybe round 7-ish.I would love to see Crawford-Lomachenko, but yeah Crawford Pac would be great too and then eventually Crawford-Spence would be sick. So many good fights in that range.I really want to see Spence-Brook.
I think Parker's resume is definitely superior to Joshua's, just purely in terms of who they've fought. Takam was a legit top 15 guy and Joshua hasn't been near anyone that good. Doesn't mean Joshua won't win when he does face those guys, but I think Parker is at least more proven.David Haye is already ducking Parker/Ruiz by taking the Bellew fight, as he has a mandatory spot with the winner but it has to be within 90 days.
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