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Subbed to this thread as I'll be in Amman September and October. Can't wait.
You're both being dickheads here. But let's not pretend this is thread is about health. This is where we come to reinforce weird body dysmorphia issues and once in a while post some thoughtful discussion about the most effective ways to build muscle.
Exercise more and eat less calorically dense food.
also, Oscar Valdez looks like a superstar
Terence Crawford is very, very good
Man Bois D'ascese is just so frikken awesome. This will barely last me a year. Can't get enough of it.
Everyone is sore after the first couple of times back in the gym. Takes like a week of 3x per week and you'll be fine. 3 one hour sessions is both enough to make progress and should be easy enough to fit into every schedule.
It's all about that Steve Gadd on Aja
The same reason you'd want a humbucker in the bridge of a strat, or any 25.5" scale guitar?
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