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...are there any Western ground troops in Syria? if any of the "mistakes" happen that have been happening from all sides to say American, British or Australian troops...I don't know what would happen.
Hehe, people are claiming Klitschko is ducking Joshua. Hearn is an absolute master bullshit artist.
Yeah I'm aware of (and fascinated by) that.That language family is closer to indo-European languages than Semitic languages, right?Explains why the Kurdish-Syrian refugees I met picked up English much quicker than the Arab Syrians.A random side note - I have met quite a few circassians here, and it was mentioned to me that they initially came as mercanary troops. Do you guys know when/why this happened or if it's true?
I don't disagree; while researching a separate topic I was interested/appalled to discover that although female genital mutilation is nearly eradicated in Iraq, it's extremely prevalent in the Kurdish areas.So yeah, I don't exactly have a romantic view of them.I can't point to any Kurdish skirmishes with the government off the top of my head. But I was under the impression that they were allied with the FSA initially. Which I guess you'll say wasn't really a thing aside...
Rebel just means anyone fighting the government, doesn't it? Are you going to call all of the Kurdish groups extremists?
I don't care what he says, there's a clear difference between moderate rebels and Al-Nusra.Moreover, the simple question: why don't you stand down? His answer was some selfless bullshit.Even if he truly believes what he's saying, and even if he himself had moral ground to stand on:a) He's failed to control his army during the war (if he didn't command some of the dirty actions asked in the questions - which I agree he probably didn't as like he said it doesn't really...
My general familiarity with people here (Jordan) who cite the SA-US alliance is that they also believe in a US-Israel-SA axis and go as far as claiming ISIS to be their creation. This idea is prevalent amongst people who support Bashar as well as people who hate him, amongst religious people as well as atheists.Some comments in this thread haven't been far from those claims. "US supported Islamists" is a repeated quote - it's such a general meaning that's pretty much...
That said, the US supporting general rebellion against Bashar and then offering little but drone strikes since then is a pretty poor reflection on them. The actions in Iraq were pretty much stupid too. Stupidity and lacking foresight not quite the same thing as the conspiracy theories though.
I don't really agree with the narrative that SA is 100% a nefarious influence. And I certainly don't agree that Israel-SA is a cohesive unit, let alone Israel-SA-US...
Well there's a difference between corrupt "democratic" elections and a monarchy.
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