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I don't really know what basics are anymore apart from tshirts.
you might be tucking your elbows too much in regular bench.
I have 3 button up shirts at the moment and I don't feel like I need more.
It will look like you're making massive gains but that's mainly just glycogen coming back and the associated water weight. You'll look huge for about a month until you start putting fat on again. But if you're going on any bulk - not just a dreamer bulk - you're going to put on a bit of fat so don't worry too much.
Going from bad to worse.
No mate, clean and press doesn't. There's a reason weightlifters have weird body shapes.
I can't be bothered reading that study but it's fucking obvious that isolation exercises are a very useful tool. It's very simple. Compound movements pretty much all work in the vertical plane (i.e. against gravity) and that just doesn't cover all the muscles as equally as we need when we apply it to sports. Hamstrings and calves are some obvious muscle that you can't activate sufficiently with just a barbell.
That is handwelted.You can see that the strip of leather running around the outside (the welt) is actually sewn directly to the insole and the upper, rather than being glued on with a piece of canvas (like machine welted goodyear would be).See those indentations left by the awl in the insole? You can sometimes see little dimples on the inside face of the insole (i.e. where your sweaty foot goes) that are a tell-tale sign that the shoe has been hand-welted.
Girls.No free weights, just skipping ropes, a few bags, some medicine balls and a ring. It's very female friendly in that respect, I suppose.
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