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Yeah, would need to actually do some technique work since I haven't done low bar in a while. I don't really care though since I don't compete.
You know you want a whammy dt
My high bar squat is now more than my low bar. Success!
Yeah jag/jm seems the only acceptable alternative.
I've been contemplating getting a new guitar of a different design, like a shredder axe or a firebird or a jag or something but then I keep coming back to the deal breakers like: 1. Floyd Roses suck if you're a lazy person like me. (the shredder axes) 2. Neck dive etc (firebirds) 3. Lack of upper register access (LP) 4. Looks fucking ugly (LP, SG) 335s and strats just fill all my requirements. If I'm going to buy another guitar it may as well just be another 335 or...
I think you're missing my point.More volume is always better than less volume provided adequate nutrition / recovery etc etc. High rep stuff works because of this.
Recovery happens when you're not lifting.
No additional science necessary, it's simply more time under tension, more fibre damage and hence more growth.
I quite like the Squier reissues of the jag guitars.
I would prefer it if people refrained from policing this thread. Users can read the OP and the first few pages they will understand the general theme. Although that theme can obviously include posting pics of your own clothing, that's not the only type of contribution that can be made here. I would be very unhappy if posts in this thread began following a formula. I actually think that the most valuable contributions have all come within the first few pages because...
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