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So David Haye is now fighting freaking Tony Bellew on March 4th. What a joke of a fight. It also means he'll likely relinquish is WBO mandatory position to fight the winner of Parker-Ruiz for the strap. Unsurprising, but sad. Almost as sad as Luis Ortiz fighting Dave Allen. Seriously the UK guys are getting duped.
Anyway, I hope both guys get a bigger payday in the rematch. 2 of the best boxers going and they make bugger all compared to the showboaters.
My scorecard was similar to the judges'. I felt Kovalev only clearly took rounds 1, 2, 6 and maybe 8. Ward did enough to edge most of the other rounds.
Looks terrible from that front angle, but decent from the back. Probably one of those pieces that you need to own for 6 months before you really understand how to wear.
My friend has one.Awesome, awesome piece of kit. If I had the money right now it would probably be my first choice amp. I prefer it over the AxeFx too as it looks cooler and the one I played had an inbuilt amp, so options to plug into a real cab, or just go front of house.I think we were discussing it a few pages back, right?Try one with a few decent profiles on it. It's so good.
That guy makes everything sound amazing.Most pedals these days do sound amazing though so it's not an unfair reflection.
Parker-Ruiz confirmed for WBO title, 10th of December. Awesome stylistic match up, IMO.
Should probably just google this, but does anyone have experience doing a sprinting program? I'd really like to increase my acceleration and max running speed, and at 27 this is probably the last chance I can do that (well realistically I'm probably slower than I was 8 years ago but whatever).
Pacquiao could fight Crawford in a pass-the-torch. Reckon that would make a fair bit. It's not like he's a pauper anyway. Can make plenty of money in his other job as a corrupt politician.
The increased prevalence of low T today is probably more related to obesity and high calorie foods than BPA. That and the fact that American doctors love to prescribe for the low half of the bell curve...That said being safe and doing your own research is never a bad idea.
New Posts  All Forums: