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Haha, pretty much 60% of it right here.This is pretty cool.I might go to knitting class tomorrow.
Yeah that's complete bullshit. Would suck to be at Mosley's stage in his career and still having to do that shit for the $. The gf's reaction was particularly unbelievable.
The non-sustaining thing is for a few reasons:- It comes from old school big band jazz; the guitar was a definite rhythm instrument in those times and thus needed to be very chugga chugga. Freddie Green is the archetype of this.- Let's you use notes a bit more rhythmically; solos and chords need to swing and that's easier when the note sustain cuts out relatively quickly- Most of the time you're not really putting an emphasis on the individual notes; it's about the notes...
Finger picking an electric guitar is not difficult per se, but it's so hard to get a nice tone with it with normal round-wound strings. It usually sounds way too trebly and the sustain is too long. You can roll off the tone knob but then it just sounds muddy. Unless you're playing country of course, in which case embrace the sustain and treble.To get a good jazz tone when finger picking an electric you need big chunky flatwound strings, which makes the guitar useless...
Think this is true of all non-Norlin Gibsons tbh. One piece necks and an extreme angled headstock with no volute is a recipe for disaster.
I am so jealous.There are plenty of modern guitarist who are objectively better than the greats of the 60s and 70s, but I really don't think anyone has surpassed Joe Pass at what he does. No one knows that many chords.
Thinking out loud here: I'm not sure what the normal rate of trans people in society is, but I wonder whether the use of exogenous steroids has an influence on gender via epigenetic imprinting. Purely anecdotal, of course, but I first considered this when thinking about Caitlyn Jenner; she was an olympic athlete at a time when they all juiced. It's pretty well documented that homosexuality is probably at least partially due to epigenetic influence in the womb. I...
I'd love a firebird. I just don't think I could deal with the lack of balance.
Joe Pass just knows so many fucking chords. Fucking dickhead. Argh.
Yeah it used to be that a Mexican Fender Strat or an Ibanez super strat was the working guitarist's guitar.Now I think you're better off going for the more expensive of the cheap line guitars e.g. Cort, Aria, ESP LTD etc.The Fender Modern Player line isn't bad though.
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