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This has vid some great little tidbits. Being a jazz guitarist I quite often incorporate the major 3rd and the major 6 into my blues scales, but I really love the way the sharp 4 sounds in Josh's modified scale. Definitely stealing that one.
Strat. Split the coil in the bridge humbucker of the LP and you have a decent tele imitation. Much harder to imitate the strat sound.
hopefully he learns something other than generic blues/rock.
multi-piece maple neck = more stable according to the guy who just did all my frets.
I prefer it too.Yeah I can see why people don't like them but for me a lot of the changes made sense and I prefer them that way. Completely different from a 50s 335 but I don't think that'd be my thing anyway.One thing they definitely did wrong was the pots. 300 and 100K is just ridiculous. Got some 500K pots in there as quick as possible.
yup.mine's a 347 , all maple body with a 3 piece maple neck and ebony fingerboard. Ridiulously heavy. And then the pickups they put in there are 16K. Kinda surprised they didn't stick on a stock Floyd Rose just to seal the deal haha.I just cut off the binding nibs and put on big 6100 EVO frets so more sacriledge.
Dude I'm not saying it about you.This is weird, but I have a strat style Ibanez that does blues and rock really well, but my ES is much better for metal. Kinda opposite of what you'd expect.Along with my classical and an acoustic, that's 4 guitars. I don't want to own more than that. Hate owning that many as is.
What's not true? I'm just describing what I want.
Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not recommending these to other players (especially since I haven't even tried them yet). I'm just saying that I'm after a specific sound that's difficult to achieve with old school pickups. If I were just playing blues and classic rock I wouldn't be considering this.
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