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yup. Maybe a touch small.
Roberto Collina and Umit Benan. I had on Vass derbies before but they felt wrong. It was weird.
here's today!
It is rather strange to talk about effortlessness, isn't it? I wouldn't say I spent hours obsessing about it, but yes I did take a few minutes to decide what I would wear, and I even went to the trouble of taking a picture and posting it on an internet forum!My fits are never going to be particularly cohesive; that's not necessarily deliberate but it is actually a reflection of my personality. I like things to be a little out of place, a little odd. I don't go for the...
er, was I defensive? They gave their input, I disagree...not much else to it.
lol thanks for the input guys. You don't have to like it.
It's about the most neutral colour combination you can get without being a black and grey fit. And you're wrong about the other things too. But thanks for the input.
what's wrong toasty?
there's so many ridiculously good new posters.
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