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I don't use anything near as much of an arch as powerlifters but a reasonable arch helps keep my shoulders happy and actually helps to have a solid platform from which to push. The other minor benefit is that it increases your chances of consistency in hitting the same setup each time, which helps in terms of linear gains.
At the moment I wear mall brand shirts unbuttoned over singlets. And loose, pleated pants. I really like the look of the Other Shop's shirts.
Blonde = sexy Natural = ugly.
Just make sure you're doing something for your hammies. GHR is great but seated leg curls are also good.Since adding in seated leg curls I get fewer niggles. I think it helps to address the imbalance between quads and hams.
Or the people for whom sport is a profession who are having to make the choice between a successful career and their long-term health.
no sweatpants ever.
Hence why we're seeing a lot more subdivision now than we were in the past. Right? I mean that was kinda my point.
I never implied that there was anything wrong with wanting the business to be successful. Or even that this desire necessarily conflicts with the user experience. You have a balance to strike and that is (literally) your business.I just find a bunch of your explanations - particularly in relation to advertising content - to be nonsensical. Regarding the anime thread and subdivision I don't necessarily have a problem with it (although it does seem that Brad's conversation...
The owner wants more specialised threads in more sub forums so that more google clicks will lead to more advertising revenue.The record store analogy and any concerns about user functionality are specious at best.
I don't know what cruising means in this context.
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