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I'm assuming it was the cake that was poisoned, but I wouldn't be taking that risk were I Tyrion.And really, it wouldn't prove anything anyway. That bitch is just mad.
I would enjoy your fits more if you bought some longer or shorter jackets. You look good as is, but people tend to look better when they're committed. go full cropped motocycle jacket or actual full length parka. There's very little point in the drawstrings in that fit, per eh-hemp-leh.
Stitches.This is excellent. Perfect, even.I request that you Do Not Taper Those Pants.Cheers.
ribbed cuffs would ruin them for me.
interesting that you'd question someone's taste and then go on to judge people by their profession in the same post.
brown boots with black pants looks great when done right.
The trick with white shoes is to just forget that they're white and wear them with anything. You don't need to match them to outfits. If they're a bit out of place, that's fine. They're white shoes, they're going to stand out a bit.bit like white jeans really.
Great work mate, really enjoyed the write-ups. Safe trip back.
The barrel scene just totally epitomises what's been wrong with Jackson's action scenes. How the fuck can you reconcile Ian McKellan's excellent realism in his acting when you have freaking ten pin bowling in the next scene? If you want to make a freaking Disney movie, make a Disney movie.
quite like this one tbh.
New Posts  All Forums: