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Decline bench really helped me nail the technique for flat bench.
standing shoulder press screws with my lower back if I do it too often. Standing calf raise machine does the same thing. One thing I try to do that helps is tuck the pelvis in a bit, but yeah I just tend to avoid these exercises and do the seated ones.
There's nothing for you to disagree with. Those boots aren't made by Lattanzi.The only reason I mention it is that I hate people spreading misinformation on the internet.
They're not consistent at all.The first pair are handmade.Moo's and the other pair have machine stitched outsoles.Lattanzi makes handmade shoes.
Yeah the nivea sensitive or nivea silver are both pretty good. I've heard you can't get it in the us though.Also, women's roll on from various brands tends to be better than men' for some reason.
The first pair was made by Lattanzi The rest were not.
nah, actually, I don't know why I gave you the benefit of the doubt.Lattanzi didn't make those.
I am well aware that Lattanzi has made footwear for Jil Sander in the past.However, I find it hard to believe that Lattanzi would make machine-outsoled shoes, and would make a shoe without even a channeled sole.But maybe you have more information than me.
I doubt those are made by lattanzi.
not necessarily.If there can be some 3D representation of a foot it can be done.Not likely to happen but it's possible.
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