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In the show only Bran has that ability. I think he may end up warging the dragons.
Yeah I'm loving it. So smokey but austere at the same time. I may need to pick something a little more unassuming, but part of me just thinks fuck it, people can deal with it. I might change my mind on that.I will definitely get something else for spring and summer, of course.
So after having finally run out of fragrances various exes have given me over the years (they've had good taste - they went out with me, after all), I bit the bullet and went to a store with a collection of quite decent perfumes and scented candles. Although I went in with the intention of getting something light and easy, I ended up with quite the opposite in Bois D'ascese by Naomi Goodsir. It is very distinctive - really smoky and woody, but not in a luxurious way - it...
yeah don't get me wrong I think he would too, it's just annoying that he's the IBF champ and still hasn't had a meaningful fight.
Could he though?He's somehow got a belt by fighting complete nobodies. He's just extremely marketable.
Povetkin-Wilder would've been fascinating. Arreola is a disappointment, yes, but he's still probably better than anyone Joshua has fought.
He looked the same as he's always done fighting nobodies, so very difficult to know.Joseph Parker is the mandatory so at least that should be a tough fight in about 6 months. Will be an interesting fight as Parker probably has the fastest hands in the division, and I don't think we've ever seen Joshua take on someone faster than himself.
jfc that was a joke of a fight.
So Dominick Breazeale. Watching that fight against Kassi, the judges absolutely robbed Kassi. And he was losing to Mansour too. Incredibly lucky to still have the 0, and that's with opponents that aren't really top 20. Still, Joshua hasn't exactly fought anyone decent ever either, so maybe they're both bums.
Ward vs Kovalev is an amazing fight, never thought that would happen. It's annoying that Ward has to go up to get competition.
New Posts  All Forums: