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Generally in healthcare if you want something to be accepted you have to first prove that it works, then that it works well enough to be worth our time etc.For whatever reason pseudo-physios have been the exception for hundreds of years now so when they tell us to stretch our quadrifuckerottamus while holding a dildo in our earlobe we do it because if we don't our right toe-nail might fall off.So rather than asking for "dissenters', let's see the actual scientific proof...
Flat is useful for: a) acoustic guitar (there's really no need for the additional acousit mode, it just simulates mics which you want to avoid with acoustic anyway) B) if you're using some type of modeler that already has an amp and speaker simulation. It's essentially like running direct.
Nah they all have a flat mode, and from what I understand flat would be the worst to use pedals with because there's no speaker sim! Ever tried to run a distortion pedal straight to the board or to a full range speaker? Sounds like a box of bees as there's no high frequency cut off. The "clean" setting takes pedals great, as does the box and plexi models with the gain turned down a touch.
I highly recommend the standard 10 over the 10C, which is basically 4 different versions of the same amp.Put it this way: I have the 10X which is all high gain models plus a clean channel, but I'm still easily able to get through a range of great clean to crunch tones by either rolling off the gain (or the volume on the guitar) on the Brown channel (basically a hot-rodded plexi), or cranking up the gain on the clean channel.The standard has 2 plexi models and a vox model...
Sheesh, boxing really needs to get a decent drug regime. No wonder Floyd insisted on the tests.
Nah I want Canelo to come good. Young and talented.
Floyd is a despicable human being but there's definite racism in the way he's treated by the American media and public.
"new"? it's yet another rehash of an old marshall, just with a Fender logo and some different knobs...
it's not the direct health effects are an issue, it's the things like satiety control that would have me thinking twice about its use. And like any salt it's going to cause water retention and bloating. I mean, there are already enough reasons to cut down on sodium intake. Don't really think we should be looking for more ways to consume it.
thighs better than breast.
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