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I haven't bought any guitar in 10 years, but if I were to it would be a new one. I want to try some of the really modern features like fanned frets, really flat radii and really good upper fret access. And headless designs.
The zero fret can be raised or lowered like you would raise or lower a bridge. It's quite a nice design. Sounds just like a fretted note.
I went and played some 2015 Gibsons yesterday and some of them have compound radii. Interesting. They played really nicely actually. I think I might actually prefer 2015 models to most modern era gibsons.
Tbh I don't find 2015 models any worse than anything they've done in the last 15 years. I actually like the zero fret and min e tune thing. I also like that they got rid of the binding nibs. But if they're gonna go modern, make it a carbon fibre reinforced neck, put roller saddles in the bridge, reduce the headstock angle, put stainless steel frets in, compound radius...and get an ibanez
reminds me of Swans a bit.
Vinnie Colaiuta is probably my favourite all around drummer. Absolute beast. Seen him live a few times.
If you want to wait it out but would like something to tie you over, consider the Zoom MS-70CDR (chorus, delay, reverb). Features plenty of crazy spacey reverbs - I think some are even modeled after that fancy strymon one.
Haha, pretty much 60% of it right here.This is pretty cool.I might go to knitting class tomorrow.
Yeah that's complete bullshit. Would suck to be at Mosley's stage in his career and still having to do that shit for the $. The gf's reaction was particularly unbelievable.
The non-sustaining thing is for a few reasons:- It comes from old school big band jazz; the guitar was a definite rhythm instrument in those times and thus needed to be very chugga chugga. Freddie Green is the archetype of this.- Let's you use notes a bit more rhythmically; solos and chords need to swing and that's easier when the note sustain cuts out relatively quickly- Most of the time you're not really putting an emphasis on the individual notes; it's about the notes...
New Posts  All Forums: