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love those.
yeah. I've been eyeing up that painted blazer on yoox for a couple of months. Also strangely tempted by that painted waistcoat thing.
it's a difficult question to answer because there is never a "completion" of protein synthesis per se - every protein is transient in that they are undergoing destruction and replacement within the cell, hence why they have biological half lives. So it's more about a homeostasis in protein turnover.I don't know what the half life of actin and myosin and the other proteins involved in muscular contraction. There'd also be other things to repair in the cytosol that aren't...
I just PMed Regis about them.Very Margiela-ry
man, twice a week is easily enough to make me fat. I just completely abstain unless I'm on a really dirty bulk, which i don't do anymore.
I'm not sure whether it's the custom nature or the styling of it. but yeah, keep doing that.
that's my favourite suit of yours, I much prefer those proportions.
There are maybe 60 people who work in my department. That's 60 birthday cakes.There are lab meetings every week.There are marketers who come to sell their supplies approximately once every 2 weeks.Free food is everywhere. None of it is healthy.
Summer is coming and so are my pastels can't freakin wait. Slightly different cut to things this time around but will still be very hendrixian.
It's little things:The richness/saturation of those shades of blueThe orange hair and the glassesBlue/tan is a very common combination, but the addition of the black boots just somehow works in an unexpected way
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