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yes and yes.
Fury pulls out again. What a joke. Also ridiculous that his hearing has been postponed for over a year after he tested positive. Just strip the cunt ffs.
It's crazy how much this shit works. When I eat pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds I have to jack off like 4x a day
I wonder how much watermelon one could eat - or watermelon juice one could drink - would be enough to get the same effect. Anyone want to figure it out?
Like with fats, various chemical methods to have exposed surface layers of salt interspersed with inert chemicals are attempts to trick the body. more common with fats really.With salt itself simply changing the surface area exposed is enough to trick the body. i.e. very fine salt is going to be a healthier option for people with high blood sugar than the equivalent "saltiness" of rock salt.
I don't know - I've never used MSG.I have, however, used table salt. Which also applies somewhat.
I think, by and large, I prefer synthetics, probably for the same reason people dislike them. I like purity and simplicity, generally. If a note can have one, well, note, that's cool with me. I quite like encre noire for this reason (got a bottle last week), and most things I like tend to be quite focused.
Eat healthy foods and work out often.Nah that's probably being obtuse. Just try to avoid the rabbit hole - particularly when you're feeling noob status.
You can make way better gains on a bulk, it's true. But you're gonna have to cut at some point. If you're above 15% it's better to cut now.
the acute injuries don't scare me so much as the long term, degenerative consequences of repetitive concussions. I admit to having a moral grapple with myself every time I'm about to watch a big fight - sure, some of these guys are paid well, but they're the very, very few, and even then it's only for a few short years. And then the long term effects can completely destroy not only their lives, but also their families'. The inevitable presence of PEDs and the cynicism...
New Posts  All Forums: