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Never had horse meat. I love venison though. Is it similar? I've reacquainted myself with pork roasts. So fatty but so good. I wonder why pork fat tastes so much better than beef fat. Maybe different triglycerides?
oh it was meant to be a joke but it was very very lame. I was saying that I find advice more genuine (that's not the right word) on your forum than here when asking about those types of decisions because there's less groupthink. Probably purely because it's a smaller forum.So if I post in this thread (which I don't anymore) it's never to ask for actual opinions on what I should buy. I do that in RFT.it's 5am sorry none of this is making sense to me now.
Harajuju is way better if you're looking for actual advice. It's a forum about japanese fashion. You should check it out.
My cashmere flannel siki im pants lasted one month. Never getting cashmere again. At least not woven as flannel and worn as pants. Really unwise choice of fabric.Honestly, they're kids. They're not good at communicating their ideas.
I guess it comes down to upbringing. I can't remember a regular dinner in my childhood that wasn't at least two thirds veggies. Things like knowing how to make a simple vinaigrette help.
Every biologist who knows R is fucking gold. I consider myself above that shit though (6).
Uh not as filling as actually eating vegetables. I don't get why everything has to be a smoothie. Veggies are yum.
Post a pic of the insole when you do. We should be able to see little dimples.
Cemented = gluedGY welted = the welt is essentially cemented (what they call gemmed) to the insole, and then the outsole is stitched to the welt.Handwelted = the welt is actually stitched to the insole, and the outsle is stitched to the welt. the integrity of the shoe is not reliant upon glue/cement, it's reliant upon stitching.The "handstitched Goodyear" they show are handwelted. If done correctly it is the most robust method to make a shoe.
Holy shit I just looked up those shoes Reedo.Those aren't GY welted. They're handwelted. That's an amazing price for a handwelted shoe. I'd definitely get them.
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