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who the fuck waits in lines though.
softy RIP
yeah just purely from a mental point of view though. Doing nothing for two weeks is so de-motivating.
Id be more worried about getting fat over that time period than losing gains. Would use the time to do some dieting or something so that you stay motivated when you get back to the gym. If it fits in with your game plan.
love it ziss
Man, those two are so cute. You must be so proud Tira.
The tshirt is out of place. Needs to be much looser with a plunging neckline or something.
loled for like 5 minutes when I googled that graston technique thing.
Fmaj7 over E is undoubtedly the musical personification of sex.
That shouldn't happen to shoes that expensive. It's a manufacturing error. There's nothing a cobbler can do about it. I would email MA+.
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