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I've long had the feeling that it's some social commentary about consumerism or something designed to make us all reassess our priorities. If it is, it's an incredibly horrible way to go about it.
the shoes are what's wrong IMOmy loose fit pants are siki im, umit benan, lemaire and some of the old, pleated polo RL or purple label pants that crop up on ebay that aren't in hideous golfer colours. check those out on ebay.There is a bit of trial and error to making it work.yeah it's the shoes that are wrong IMO.
I'm all for maintaining an open mind about this type of thing, but it's freaking advertising, mate. You may find it particularly fascinating but no, I don't feel I'm being at all held back by my lack of desire to see a 3D pop-up about the next must-own pair of jeans.
There's a limit to the astonishment I'm going to feel when I find out they've discovered a new way to sell shit I don't care about.
I like the orange hood but the short arms/long body is a deal breaker to me with that type of jacket.
Honestly with footwear I don't think you need to draw a line between romantic/whimsical and utilitarian. Unless I'm mistaken, the Ann D boots in question are not particularly directional, and most Heschungs would be perfectly fine in a number of different aesthetics.
I'm thinking of buying EZ drummer 2. Bit of an investment but the learning curve of programming drums with any other interface just doesn't appeal to me. It looks absurdly intuitive on the demos.
Keep in mind that the runway looks are styled in a certain way to gain attention. Most of the actual items are quite easy to incorporate into every day clothing.If you work in a suit and tie office, sure you wouldn't be able to get away with a lot of stuff. But business casual? you can pull most of these clothes off quite easily.
yeah I love the pleats too.Sometimes it can be a case of having fewer, but nicer things, but I appreciate that I don't know your situation.Blowing my own spot but there's a couple of pairs of Gazzarrini trousers on Yoox that look comfy.
If you guys actually come to SW&D you'll find that there's plenty of cool shit that will easily fit dudes without thigh gap. Christophe Lemaire: Umit Benan Siki Im Kowtow + the old favourites like Rick, Yohji, CDG, etc etc and frankly many, many more. Don't limit yourself to repro denim and Target.
New Posts  All Forums: