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I don't get injured and have had 3-4 month periods where I do full body workouts 6x per week, doing squats every workout. I don't stretch or do any hippie nerve flossing bullshit. I've always been fit and played sport in school so maybe that's why. I was never an exceptional athlete or anything, but have always been pretty strong.
Well yeah, but he asked a simple question and I gave a simple answer. If he asked "what's the relative risk of wearing a seatbelt compared to the effort taken multiplied by the CBF-ness" then the answer becomes more complex.
it is probably a mild carcinogen, although the data isn't quite strong enough to show definitive causation yet. Not as dangerous as smoking or anything and small amounts probably aren't going to kill you, but it's not something to consume frequently if you want to make a conscious health decision.
Are you asking from a health perspective? If so, the answer is that you should try to reduce or at best eliminate red meat from your diet.I use soy milk but find what works for you.
how does it load the spine less? the weight is still being bore from the shoulders.
Nah that wasn't directed at you.
Yes but that's just about not being obese, and making an effort to look well presented.Look by all means improve the way you look - I just wanted a bit offer a bit of a counterpoint to the narrative at the moment.
bit of soldering done this afternoon.will probably just tape up the hole.
The good news is noone really cares how you look if you have a cool personality. Much more important things to worry about.
why do i even click on this thread
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