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Summer is coming and so are my pastels can't freakin wait. Slightly different cut to things this time around but will still be very hendrixian.
It's little things:The richness/saturation of those shades of blueThe orange hair and the glassesBlue/tan is a very common combination, but the addition of the black boots just somehow works in an unexpected way
Cotton on is an Aussie mall brand. Their tees are of reasonable quality as far as tees go. I.e. No better or worse than hanes, but much nicer cut and a bit thinner too, which is nice. They make them in lots of colors. I have about 20 of them.
being 100% silk has nothing to do with whether it's unprocessed or not.It's probably normal processed silk that's in an open weave.These brands always confuse their labelling.
for me raw silk wears hot unless it's blended with something. silk/linen blends or silk/cotton blends are great though.
man, the colour of your hair really makes that fit. nice work.
I've long had the feeling that it's some social commentary about consumerism or something designed to make us all reassess our priorities. If it is, it's an incredibly horrible way to go about it.
the shoes are what's wrong IMOmy loose fit pants are siki im, umit benan, lemaire and some of the old, pleated polo RL or purple label pants that crop up on ebay that aren't in hideous golfer colours. check those out on ebay.There is a bit of trial and error to making it work.yeah it's the shoes that are wrong IMO.
I'm all for maintaining an open mind about this type of thing, but it's freaking advertising, mate. You may find it particularly fascinating but no, I don't feel I'm being at all held back by my lack of desire to see a 3D pop-up about the next must-own pair of jeans.
There's a limit to the astonishment I'm going to feel when I find out they've discovered a new way to sell shit I don't care about.
New Posts  All Forums: