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Re: scales. once you know the basics (major scale, Dorian, mixolidian, aeolian, pentatonic, altered scale at a minimum)and know what chords theyre traditionally used over I think you can get away with just learning a bunch of licks where you can figure out why they sound like they do. e.g. You learn a lick and realise that the guitarist is playing a Dorian scale with something else thrown in. That lets you steal the lick and transpose it to suit when improvising. Larry...
I like playing all types of music. Thrash is very technically demanding. Particularly rhythmically. I think of the galloping riff from Battery by Metallica as the perfect thrash riff. It's quite difficult to playand then there are plenty of prog thrash bands. e.g. the chords that Coroner uses are quite jazzy.And then there's Cynic who are just amazing:
beat him up, Stitches.
Why do you ask?
I love playing thrash. Yeah I'm pretty good.
Bloody downtuning is so annoying. Should be banned.
not sure about those particular shorts/boots combo in that fit Pope
Oh and I'd never heard this version before. Frikken great.
nothing to do with Islam, read it again.
this is actually racist, can we ban this guy now please?
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