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Why don't you just be honest and say you'd rather watch a bar fight where people get degenerative neurological damage?It's not Mayweather's fault that no one is good enough to hit him. What do you want him to do, stick his chin out and ask to be hit?The sport of boxing is about landing punches and avoiding getting hit. There's been noone better at it than Mayweather for the last 15 years. It's great to watch.
Should have been bigger tbh. Manny was barely in the fight. Was a complete thrashing.
It's cool but I can't imagine actually using it...
+ 1Stiff leg deadlifts are great for glutes.
Margiela tailoring patterns are my favourite cuts in fashion. They get that shit just so right.
the problem with that is that you squeeze out the juices.
this is pretty cool
The colour mainly.It looks like a mis-matched suit rather than an intentional pairing of trousers and jacket. I think light grey, brown or olive green would look quite nice here.General rule of thumb is that trousers should be a few shades lighter than the jacket. Obviously there are plenty of exceptions but I do think there needs to be more contrast here in this case.Just my opinion though.
Needs different pants Stan
No chinos ever kthanks.
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