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pssh, Fuuma just rehashed everything I said. He should be 3rd author max on this citation (Hendrix et al., 2014).
great fabric, really like that. Kinda want a dinner jacket in a fabric like that.
again, I CBF with the dress-for-you-body-type conversation but plenty of skinny dudes look good in structured tailoring.
It looks good on lots of people. The soft tailoring police have gone way too far with peoples sensibilities. Yes, some unstructured jackets look good if it fits the styling. But low buttoning points and slightly extended shoulders looks freaking awesome when it's done well.
This is the best silhouette though.
Well your already winning with those CCPs, which make the look interesting without being unacceptable.And although I never wear black anything, let alone all black, when you do go all black like that with some texture it does look pretty cool.
Why do they feel the need to play generic background jazz. I love jazz but it doesn't make things classy or whatever they're trying to do. The american flag and the whisky and the book shelf piss me off too.
Just because they're not Goiser welted doesn't mean they're not handwelted.I'm pretty sure all M Moria are handwelted. Goiser/Norwegian welting is just a more flashy style of handwelting.EG handgrade aren't handwelted.
I bet tucked with no belt looks best in real life. Let the shirt sorta billow out a little around the waist rather than having it pulled up or pushed down like that. Or just let it sit naturally for a wee while. also, undo another button or do the top one up. None of this halfway stuff.
Do you guys not put your hands in your pockets? even on tuxedo jackets, vents are essential for me
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