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thumb comment: nice fit bro what are those jeans?
Nice things look cool for a number of reasons. The reasons Mr Porter interprets things as doesn't resonate with me.But in the end I don't really care why anyone else wears what they wear.Yeah but the fantasy is in the eye of the beholder obviously, and I'd prefer the eye in question to be fashion critics not salesmen.Actually, I don't mind if it's salesmen so long as it's not a boring and/or distasteful interpretation of the fantasy.
What makes "organic" superior in this case? Does it perform better? Does it have a reduced environmental footprint? I ask these questions because in most cases organic produce requires more fertilizers and more "natural" herbicides that end up having a larger environmental impact then the non-organic equivalent.
This is like the exact opposite feeling I get. I get really happy when some non-internets person has something in common with my clothes. Every time it happens we look at each other and end up giving a small nod and a fist-bump or something. Particularly if it's at a bar.
I think this needs some type of jacket or cardigan to tie it together. I kinda like the idea but the angle of the pic is also probably not helping.
Storm welt doesn't waterproof the shoe either. It just stops drops of water dripping into the welt, but if it's submerged of course water can get in.And anyway, leather isn't waterproof.
Hence why I ignored them for years. The reality is most of their clothes aren't plastered in logos.Disagree about the fabrics. Quite significantly better than Diesel et al.Their women's line is good too.
TL:DR if you consider mass RTW pattern-making a skill I think it's something you should check out, even purely for interest's sake.The cuts on the denim/pants are superb and the fabrics are great to the touch and really hard wearing. I think particularly in regard to the cut it's the sorta thing you gotta try on to appreciate. I'm not really a big jeans guy and the cut is usually the reason, but these really do work well.I had sorta thought they were just an expensive...
I can't believe I've neglected G Star for so long. Excellently designed clothes. @LA Guy saying "I told you so" etc etc
As much as I bought into the buy-for-a-lifetime ethos, the reality is my tastes have changed quite considerably over the last decade. There are very few pieces that I have kept. I also move cities quite frequently so I'm regularly culling clothing.Even the so-called staples don't hang around long.But yes, my body gaining muscle has led to discarding/donating/selling of plenty of expensive clothes. It bothered me at the time (especially considering the cost) but now I...
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