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I don't get gyakusou, sorry jet
Ah ok.Anecdotally, I find it much easier to push myself in the 8-10 rep range than in the 3-5. Not sure why this is.
Uh that sounds totally normal to me?
Cricket>baseball. It is known.
I agree that they seem very reasonably priced for what they're selling. I don't know what the wholesale prices are but I try to keep in mind that a large proportion of the costs are in the research/design process to begin with. Also, I like their philosophy. I'm a sucker for that stuff but they just seem like a good company.
wait till your jazz teacher tells you tritone substitution. It'll blow your mind.
It seems a pretty neutral colour; would probably look great with denim. My only concern would be that it's too similar to grey, and as someone who wears a lot of grey pants it might not be contrast-y enough and look like I'm wearing a boilersuit.
I have the 3L tech blazer which is from last season I think? Just try it out bro, I think their return policy is pretty decent.
those derbies damn
decided to try the XL in the kowtow blazer. Who knows, measurements could be wrong.
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