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"Enscarpment" is one of those words that army guys will use, along with things like "reentrant", "ablutions", and "smock" (in the male sense).I love these little fossilisations of language within sectors of society.
Normally great but I think with the way those pants taper down you need some slipons or some chucks or vans or something instead of those boots.
If your guitars are playing well that's all that matters. Most vintage guitars are crap and play like dogs. There's no such thing as natural tone, it simply comes down to what strings and hardware you use. Most high end guitars are pretty rubbish too, particularly Gibson.A stable neck, good balance, decent upper fret access and good hardware are the only things that matter.I hate germanium fuzz pedals because you have to have them first in line before any buffer which for...
I prefer solid state amps and frequently make use of keyboard and acoustic guitar amps, so fist bump on that one.You have more pedals than me. It's not about catching up, it's what you actually use.As for a compressor, I barely ever use them but I have this one and it seems to be much more transparent and less stuttering than the CS-3. It's also pretty cheap and very small so that works well.I personally can't stand germanium fuzzes. Way more trouble than they're worth.
Dalton was one of the best.
that should be a good match up. I'd like to see Canelo improve. Both fighters can be good to watch.
Actually, the guy who wrote that solo and plays on that Cynic album, Tymon Kruidenier, is a massive Allan Holdsworth fan. Here he is transcribing an Allan Holdsworth solo The youtube channel is his band. Some pretty nice instrumental prog rock.
it does, yeah. Blue with cream binding is so nice.
what's that guitarshe's sexysay hi for me
I've never really been much of a shredder, tbh. Couldn't really be bothered with tapping and all the rest of it. I do like Cynic solos though. Tend to be a bit more interesting than standard metal stuff.
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