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I don't know what cholo means. Looks cool anyway. Go for it.
What's the length like and how are you planning to wear it?
Everything boxy or loose fitting requires a period of being worn in before a) it starts to sit better and more importantly b) you start to feel comfortable with the way it fits. So yeah, really hard to tell. I say keep.
yeah. I prefer preamp gain anyway tbh.
If you have the opportunity to play loud it's freaking awesome. Nothing beats having feedback at your fingertips.
Nah I think he's saying 4 movements per body part per week e.g. Monday for chest might have bench and flies and Thursday might have incline and decline. Legs might have squats and extensions/curls on Monday and front squats and lunges on Thursday. It's similar to what I do. I like it a lot.
I've never actually owned a full stack mesa because I've traveled a lot but I love the rectifiers and mark v. Cannot go wrong for high gain. I think arguably the best thing about them is their cabs though.
There are a lot of great amps out there but of the expensive ones Ive tried my favourites have been Diezel, Bogner and Engl. Oh and I like mesas. I can't imagine going more expensive than that, tbh. These Dumble things are ludicrous.
Never had horse meat. I love venison though. Is it similar? I've reacquainted myself with pork roasts. So fatty but so good. I wonder why pork fat tastes so much better than beef fat. Maybe different triglycerides?
oh it was meant to be a joke but it was very very lame. I was saying that I find advice more genuine (that's not the right word) on your forum than here when asking about those types of decisions because there's less groupthink. Probably purely because it's a smaller forum.So if I post in this thread (which I don't anymore) it's never to ask for actual opinions on what I should buy. I do that in RFT.it's 5am sorry none of this is making sense to me now.
New Posts  All Forums: