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yeah there are a few that I see pop up in music stores around me. Yamaha in particular made some superb semi hollows round that era. But everyone has caught on now and they sell for more than Gibsons of the same era now.
this is fascinating.
bye bye England.
it's cos weird MC uncles wank over glossy soles and fiddleback waists.
Dancing shoes are completely different from walking shoes.
I do live somewhere wet.Maybe it's just the way that I walk, but I actually find the flat rubber soles (i.e. dainite or topied leather soles) to be very slippery. Crepe soles are terrible too.Rubber commando soles are of course the best. But worn in leather soles aren't bad.
Man he uses way too much reverb. But that's probably just all the extra compression from youtube.
They wear down after 3 or so years, but very very easy to replace.
I do find they're very slippery at first but once you break them in the sole gets more traction.
blake/rapid is quite different and much better than goodyear.
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