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also, Oscar Valdez looks like a superstar
Terence Crawford is very, very good
Man Bois D'ascese is just so frikken awesome. This will barely last me a year. Can't get enough of it.
Everyone is sore after the first couple of times back in the gym. Takes like a week of 3x per week and you'll be fine. 3 one hour sessions is both enough to make progress and should be easy enough to fit into every schedule.
It's all about that Steve Gadd on Aja
The same reason you'd want a humbucker in the bridge of a strat, or any 25.5" scale guitar?
That's fair.Total anecdote again, but where I live I have heard that the police are more wary of signing off on firearms licenses for ex-military people.I did meet quite a few of the people that I think of as weapons fetishists when I was in. Mostly harmless but you do get the tingly feel.
Being ex-military anywhere seems like it would be a mild red flag, despite all the psych tests. It not only attracts many people who have a distinct interest in violence, but it also subjects people to levels of psychological trauma, bullying and an almost inherent lack of self-determination.Tl;dr; Trump's next declaration should be a bar on all returning overseas troops.
Rochas Man arrived and I don't like it. Just way too sweet. I definitely get that tiramisu vibe but it's just too sickly sweet for me. Maybe I could handle one spray. I went into the store yesterday and told the lady about it. She pulled out this perfume called Him by Hanae Mori. Much better. It's along the same vibe but it has more spiciness to balance out the sweet. It was also pretty cheap, and apparently it's a perfume concentration not a cologne (not sure if...
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