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nah she'll definitely be keen so long as it's just weed.
I agree that people can be susceptible to these types of fallacies, but one can alleviate that by asking the basic question of what the item is designed for. A minimalist style dress shirt might not be designed to feel as substantial as a casual flannel shirt.And yeah, that basically comes down to how it looks and feels when you put it on.You don't need a great deal of information to make this deduction though. You can make the most critical observations by picking it up...
The good thing is that you don't really need info. Trust your eyes and your touch.
Anyway, it's all vague and hypothetical without an application.
Unknowns exist, but that's part of risk management type analysis, which is again under knowledge. Do due diligence, take action.
Ignorance can be conquered by the acquisition of knowledge. From there, lack of implementation of knowledge is pure negligence. Obviously the consequence of change needs to be weighed up.The status quo, according to my ideals, is not very good at all, and I am all too happy to advocate change. I'm not going to ignore the consequences of those changes.I guess all you're really saying is to take into account the consequence of change and whether it's really worth making...
Well I pointed out what I thought was wrong with the gist of your post, and since I appear to have misunderstand your point (and still don't really get what you're saying), there's nothing I can say until you make it clear to me what exactly you're saying.Unless you're just making random vague statements with no real meaning, in which case carry on.
Could you elaborate?
moar, better =/ progress failed political schemes for progress =/ progress is a bad goal seeking progress =/ malcontent.
So much to disagree with in this post.
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