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Gluteal amnesia fucking hell.Reverse hypers are great. Do add them in when you can.Fuck me dead, gluteal amnesia. Up there with nerve flossing. Wake them up lol...
Nah there's no need to be inline with the other posts. I genuinely want for this thread to be about enjoyment of what you have and that very much includes the realisation of specificities in your wardrobe so I quite liked that train of thought. It's probably better than a narcisissism wankfest that noone actually wants to read.
Haha yes that's actually a very appropriate thought for this thread. I'd be interested to see where it leads.
Let's think about this again. Can you stand up? Can you run? Yes? Your glutes are active. You're glutes are not inactive. They're weak. Stiff leg deadlifts, glute ham raises, and those glute raise things. And squats.
The problem is digitech makes the only decent whammy
Facilitation is incredibly important but I do agree that the remuneration in the finance industry is ridiculous when it's so much greater than the actual contributors. Highly motivated people are in every field but I do think the finance sector is attracting too many at the expense of productive industries.But yeah, meh.
Nothing. Get used to it.
tryna submit? Some of them are such morons man.
you'd be ending up with around $50k of disposable income. To me, that's quite a lot of money. I don't think many would choose to live alone either.
Even in a high cost of living place, 100K for a single person with no responsibilities is pretty well off.
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