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Looked all over the Internet and can't find anything. I'm a 40s Zegna Milano and Oxxford 1220, 38s isiai base s. anyone know what size I would be? Uman runs 1-8
Thanks for the tips. For some reason I just wasn't seeing it.
I got a great deal on this suit and it fits quite well. I'm just not exactly sure what to wear with it. I can't seem to figure anything out except white shirt, black shoes, black socks, white linen square...nothing else is working in my mind.
Considering picking up a pair from shop the finest and I'm curious about SF's collective opinion.
Lol I'm too terrible at golf to hit with an 8.5 loft.
Size 8.5. I need these for a trip I'm leaving for Friday. I tend to beat my drivers up so I don't like to spend a lot on them. They eventually get holes on the front, etc. I'm in SF.
I'm not too familiar with the various Attolini lines and they didn't have anything in my size anyway. They have a good return policy so it's nbd if something doesn't work out
Amazon's version of gilt
Sorry. Meant to specify at MyHabit. Good luck
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