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That's what he is paid to do, right? He is doing something he likes and get paid at the same time. Most of the people in Hong Kong are wearing dress shoes as cheap as $30 US, I certainly appreciate what they offer. At least, they solved my shoes problems 2 years ago when I relocated to Hong Kong.
I tried it after he showed me in person. To be honest, it takes some getting use to. I still prefer old cotton t-shirt.
How about the wholecut guys?
Thos wholecuts look so good~~
Thanks a lot!
Robert last is my favorite last of Carmina. I have a pair of black cap-toe balmoral and a pair of brown suede double monk that I got from the Armoury.
Thanks for correcting me. I need 9.5 E for both 974 and 9071 is what I want to say.
I was interested in getting Alden 974 which is in Hampton last I believe. I tried on 9.5 E and it fitted me fine but he shape of the shoes no longer look as good as 9.5 D and I had to gave up.
I actually wear 9.5D on all Alden's lasts. I have extremely flat feet. Plus, my left foot is slightly bigger than my right foot and it causes me some discomfort to wear 9 D.
No problem. Man, I can't stress enough how much I love this pair. I think SC has emerged to be my favorite shoemaker.
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