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I really would prefer to sell these here, as ebay has become a pain in the ass. Make an offer...
Boots require, thicker socks lol. And thanks for the link, I appreciate that.
Hi, for sale I have a pair of Addison wing tip boots in tan, size 13. As with my other sale thread, these were purchased in 2012, but they came from Wingtip in San Francisco. I put the wrong color saphir creme on them, so they are a little darker than tan, more brown. I would like to get rid of both of these soon. I am open to respectable offers. And since, it has been many years since I have posted at all, please contact me with any questions or concerns on my items....
Hi, I have a pair of Alden Tanker boots in whiskey shell cordovan, in a hard to find size 13. They were purchased in 2012 from the dudes at Leffot in New York. They have been worn only once, and look new. Truthfully, it has been years since I posted here, so I understand concerns of who I am. That said, I have flawless feedback on ebay under the name Shoestv. This is really good price for these shoes, please pm me, with any and all questions, and concerns. If you...
pm sent
I'm sending you a pm about your attache/brief
has anyone had the woodbury outlet ship to them? I could use some linen pants
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