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I have a pair of 10's I'd be willing to let go of. I paid $212 and have worn them 5 or 6 times, with little to no wear. Make me an offer and I'll consider it.
Do you have the measurements for the BoO shirt? Is it an overdye oxford?
Does the L/S fit like the overdye oxfords (I consider a little more snug) or the non oxfords?
Moved to ebay starting bid is $49.99
Final price drop. Going on ebay tomorrow evening.
Chest measurement on BoO brown check?
Price Drop. Pick these up quick there going on ebay soon.
These are brand new still in the original dust bag and box. I've been looking for these shoes everywhere and finally managed to get them on eBay. The problem is I'm a 10.5 in sperry and these are a 9.5. I was desperate and was praying I could squeeze in but there are too small. So I'm just trying to get my money back and not deal with ebay. Paypal only please. Price Shipped CONUS: $175 => $160 Theses are going on ebay on Tuesday, get em soon. There awesome.
Dibs on the Mossimo shirt and the smooth company hoodie. pm sent
Well that explains it enough. Are these oxfords? If not do they run like the oxfords or more like the batiste?
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