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Thanks for the explanation as it makes a lot more sense now. I've never bought a pair of repros before so I wasn't expecting it.
I got a pair from the Vente Privee sale last month and mine is the same way. It kind of bothers me that the seam twists that much on the left side while the right side kind of shifts towards the back. I wonder why they were designed this way.
Good to hear. I grabbed the navy one a few weeks ago when all accessories were 60% off and plan on using it as a diaper bag. I figured $52 was a good deal for that kind of bag.
PSA: It looks like the US stores are selling the skinny fit rinsed selvage for $29.99 plus an additional 40% off, making them $17.99. They might only be in certain stores though because I checked one store and they had a ton of them (just not in my size) while another local store didn't carry them at all. Your local store can always do a stock check to see if there are any other stores in the region that might have your size in stock, who can then ship them to you for...
Figures. I saw it on Slickdeals earlier and thought it was too good to last. It still shows the items in my cart for 50% off. I shouldn't be spending the money but I'll be damned if it's not tempting.
50% off regular items and 40% off sale on using code VIPRLRGB. There appears to be little restriction as I added some RRL and RLPL items to the cart and it's actually discounting them. Not sure how long that will last.
Quote: Originally Posted by dieselman89 I think JCrew will continue to shine b/c it has more possibilities to be sold. For instance CM does not have an online store and JCrew does. That and J Crew has around 4x the number of retail locations (excluding outlets) based on what I could find. CM won't have as much brand recognition among the masses until they spread across the country more. I'm in Columbus and if I want to go to the nearest CM I...
How does the lightweight selvedge in 10oz hold up versus the 14oz? I want to get a pair of the Weird Guys in indigo but was debating between the regular ones or just getting the lightweight version for summer.
Are the indigo the basic 14oz denim? I've been debating whether to get a pair of those or get the lightweight version for summer.
Quote: Originally Posted by irbe Do football players have gorilla arms? Why the fuk are their sleeves so long? To make people roll up the sleeves.
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