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Please PM your office address for me. If I have time I will pass by. I'll be staying in East London while I'm there
Hey, I'm heading to London on Monday for about 2 weeks. Are there any Drake's discounters shops that I should visit. I'd like to bring back a few ties, pocket squares, and scarves. I'll definitely take a trip to the outlet, but just wondering if there are any other places that I should take a look at.
Willing to sell or trade this beautiful sweater. Pictures don't do it any justice the detail on it is amazing. It retailed for 895.00 on the Ovadia & Son website. I'll be glad to trade it if there are some great offers out there. I'm looking for blazers (36 S/R), Incotex trousers (30/48), or other Ovadia pieces. Thanks for looking
Okay great...I notice that there are other stores that are selling Ring Jacket's for very cheap. Do you always chose the same store, or do most of them pretty legit?
Can anyone tell me about shipping to the US? Is it expensive? Was it a hassle?
Can you tell me what a Small is equivalent to in trousers. I'm considering purchasing the AMI trousers, I generally wear a 30 of 31 in the waist, but I don't know if I should go with with a small or medium. Also do you have anymore Want Les Essentials totes in stock? I would like to purchase one.
Nice Band of Outsiders knit tie. It's been sitting in my closet, not being used. Hopefully somebody here will be glad to put some good use to it. If you know anything about Band of Outsiders, you are aware that they make high quality products. This tie is a rare find, and it will be difficult to get anywhere else.
These are a wonderful pair of Ovadia & Sons off white cargo pants. Great for the summer. It's a Japanese herringbone cotton. The pictures don't do these pants justice, and the buckle in the back adds some great detail, you will absolutely love them. The waist says 32, but they fit more like a 31.
What is shipping like, and did you have to pay duties? Also I'm a US 36, but based on what everybody has been saying it seems like I need to go one size up, is that the case?
Has anybody ever ordered a RJ from Rakuten.co.jp Their prices are a little bit to good to believe. If anyone has ordered anything from there I would love to know what your experience was like?
New Posts  All Forums: