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100% Cotton, and the lining is 100% Rayon
S2S 17" P2P 18" Back Length 29.5"
I'm selling this because it's too big for me. I'm a slim 36 and the shoulders don't fit me the way that I would like them to. It also doesn't help that I'm 5'5" as well. If you are a taller 36, or a size 38 then this jacket would fit you perfectly. It's a great piece for the fall. Ovadia & Sons uses the best materials and craftsmanship on their clothes. I really wish I could hold onto it, but it's not helping my by just sitting in the closet. It has beautiful patch...
Wow! Thanks for the advice, I'll look into that. I wish I was in NY to try some on.
Hi I have a question about the fit of the Man 1924 Blazers...I'm 5'5" and about 145 pounds. I usually wear size 36s but I can sometimes wear a 36r. If I buy a 36 will I have to do a lot of alterations to it? Do the sleeves have working buttons?
Please PM your office address for me. If I have time I will pass by. I'll be staying in East London while I'm there
Hey, I'm heading to London on Monday for about 2 weeks. Are there any Drake's discounters shops that I should visit. I'd like to bring back a few ties, pocket squares, and scarves. I'll definitely take a trip to the outlet, but just wondering if there are any other places that I should take a look at.
Willing to sell or trade this beautiful sweater. Pictures don't do it any justice the detail on it is amazing. It retailed for 895.00 on the Ovadia & Son website. I'll be glad to trade it if there are some great offers out there. I'm looking for blazers (36 S/R), Incotex trousers (30/48), or other Ovadia pieces. Thanks for looking
Okay great...I notice that there are other stores that are selling Ring Jacket's for very cheap. Do you always chose the same store, or do most of them pretty legit?
Can anyone tell me about shipping to the US? Is it expensive? Was it a hassle?
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