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I train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Krav Maga (Israeli self-defense martial art). Probably the most important thing about this situation is that the tie pull isn't a huge threat. It would take quite a long time for it to actually choke you (albeit it could be uncomfortable). If you're really worried about this, practice getting choked so that you won't panic in the situation, and then instead of instinctively grabbing at the neck you'll be able to quickly counterattack...
How much for a BB MOP cufflink set and the 44" Bruno Magli belt shipped to Australia (post code 6050)? Thanks, Daniel
Quote: Originally Posted by Sam Hober Daniel, Congratulations on the new job, when I was in business school it was the big 6. I am not sure but I think PW merged with Coopers and AA just vanished is that right? Most of my friends who went into public accounting were on the tax side which is mostly what I know about so audit or consulting may differ... Go for dark conservative classic ties - pin dots, simple stripes, simple repeating patterns and...
Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 Start with solid colors in twill or grenadine. You could also look at pinstripe repp ties or pindot ties. So something like this? Which colours would you recommend to start (taking into consideration the shirts I mentioned in the OP)?
Hey guys, I'm starting my first job post graduation soon at a big4 accounting firm here in Perth, Western Australia. The weather's hot and the culture somewhat informal, so planning on mostly just wearing charcoal trousers, single cuff shirts and black cap toe shoes/black chelsea boots (I have a pair of Tricker's for the cap toes and RM Williams for the chelsea boots). During the winter I plan to add v-neck sweaters/tanks and cardigans. However, I'll obviously...
Quote: Originally Posted by drducky OP updated with measurements, but waist - 54" shoulder 23" Damn. Shoulder width is just too wide. I need 21" or just under. Otherwise the shirt is perfect (well except sleeve length is too long but I imagine I could get that altered). If it were cheaper I might just buy it and live with the wide shoulders but not for $180.
I'm interested in the Kiton shirt. Could I get a shoulder and waist measurement?
Won't consider posting to Aus? So, this is rubber as opposed to leather?
Will you ship to Aus?
Hey guys, I'm trying to find a khaki coloured cotton jacket in a size 52R/54R (US) for Spring/Autumn wear. I'm wanting it to be relatively casual so not really a sport coat/suit coat style. Ideally, it would use buttons rather than a zip but either is fine. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Daniel
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