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You guys are right, it was my mistake as it's a drop 8 (I need to work on my math skills ). In either case, the suit is sold, pending payment.
For sale is a beautiful pair of Church's Custom Grade Chetwynds. The Chetwynd, Church's classic black wingtip, is still in production and goes for GBP340. Condition: The black calf uppers are in very good condition with the random scratch/mark here and there, but nothing that can been seen from more than a few inches away. The insoles are in remarkably good condition and the leather footbeds still look great. The single leather soles have plenty of life left and are...
Opps, thanks Rebel, I forgot to add the price
I thrifted this suit today and wanted to see whether anyone here was interested or whether I should just throw it in the Bay. Please PM with any interest. The suit label says "Polo by Ralph Lauren for Perkins Shearer". Perkins Shearer used to be a men's clothier in Denver that sold early Polo stuff, but that closed its doors in 1992. The suit, then, is obviously something close to 20 years old. The other labels in the suit are all purple in color, but since the suit...
I'm not affiliated with Ellie in any way, but she is popular on AAAC's trad forum. She'll make any shape of bow tie you like in any fabric - you can even supply the fabric you want - for only $23.00.
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