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Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving The brand whores will claim these shoes will explode once they are exposed to air. These won't explode. The only shoes that explode are the ones that are gemmed.
In all seriousness, his shirts look like crap - all non-iron stuff with a very mediocre collar roll. Arrow? George?
I have two Ascot Chang custom made shirts for sale. I'd like to sell them as a pair for SOLD<<30.00<<35.00<<40 shipped in the CONUS or actual abroad. The first is a white forward point collar and barrel cuffs. The fabric is something like a fine royal oxford. 100% cotton. The condition is excellent - no stains, tears, wear spots, ring around the collar, etc. Made in Hong Kong. Neck: 16" Chest: 47" Sleeves: 35 1/4" The second is a pale pink forward...
I re-dyed the exact same pair of boots - AE Brantleys from their original orange color to a dark brown. When the boots are scuffed, the original color does not come through since the leather was stripped and completely redyed with actual leather dye rather than just wax polish. Before After
Quote: Originally Posted by JonEdangerousli Makes me want to shave off the goatee and just keep the mustache. And buy a Hawaiian shirt or two. I bet Higgins could get out that ring around the collar
For sale is a Brooks Brothers Makers Golden Fleece 3-piece suit in a charcoal glen plaid with blue overcheck. The 4-season suit is made of 100% wool. The suit is 2B darted, fully canvassed, has light shoulder padding, is single vented, 2 buttons on the sleeve, and some nice handwork - buttonholes, hand attached collar, etc. The vest has 6 buttons, four pockets, and has a back adjuster. The trousers are flat front, unlined, cuffed, and have the fabric loop for a belt...
"The Rush" is from AE's upcoming Independence Collection, which is supposed to be their highest-end line.
What if I tattooed my ankles to look like socks? The real OneSock. I've also considered just using a red marker on my ankles when I go sockless - very British cool.
This is a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo black alpine grain plain toe bluchers with a rubber lug sole. Made in Italy. The condition is very good with some nicks/scuffs to the toe box (see pics), but otherwise the uppers are quite good. The rubber soles have lots of life remaining. The rubber soles can eventually be replaced, but since these aren't goodyear welted, there is no footprint embedded on the insole. The insole of the left shoe has a tear in the insole lining...
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