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Yeah, but just as annoying are those who offer $50 on something listed at $250. Or, those who want free shipping on a $12 item with $3 shipping.
I have two Armani Collezioni shirts I'd like to sell as a pair though I'd be willing to separate them. Armani Collezioni light blue oxford cloth button-down (ocbd). Very light interlining in the collar (not fused) with longer collar points for a great roll. Condition is very good to excellent - I don't notice any flaws. Tagged size: 16/41 Neck: 16" Chest: 46" Sleeves: 34 3/4" Price: SOLD<<30.00 shipped in CONUS or actual abroad (or take both shirts for...
The classic version of the white buck was and is made by Walk-Over
Crockett & Jones Westfield, 10.5D, with $0.99 starting price (
Shameless self-promotion plug for Walk-Over white bucks . I've got a vintage pair in the sales forum, 11.5D (
Walk-Over white bucks. This is just about the perfect ivy league/trad summer shoe. The new re-issues by Walk-Over are running something like $200+. These are in very lightly used condition with a couple of small scuffs - the most serious is a small chip on the toe box of the left shoe (see picture). Insoles and outsoles show very little wear. Made in USA. Tagged size: 11.5 D/B (D is the ball width and B the heel width) Outsole length: 12 5/8" Outsole width: 4...
^^ Isn't that a woman's jacket? It appears to button on the left.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheWGP Holy cow, those are awesome! I'd be racing for your PM box but they're too narrow. Yeah, hate those slightly unusual sizes, but I couldn't say no.
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