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Crockett & Jones for Polo Ralph Lauren black split toe bluchers. These have some wear, but plenty of life remaining. The uppers are in great condition with no dings, scratches, or other flaws. The outsoles are still hard as a rock and have lots of life remaining. The heel caps will need replacing within a year or so, depending on your shoe rotation. The insoles do have a wear spot near the heel area, but that can either be left "as is" or easily fixed by a cobbler. ...
Your tailor is nuts - light weight/tropical wool is fine with only a half lining. All my summer suits, and most of my winter ones, only have a half lining. The previous poster is probably correct - the tailor doesn't want to do the extra work involved in finishing all the internal seams.
No need to rehash too much (a much debated subject among certain posters), but "down and to the left" are English rep ties for actual military units, clubs, universities, etc. that only member are supposed to wear (they "earned" them) while "down and to the right" is for all other rep stripes. Argyll and Sutherland (the real rep tie) Argyll and Sutherland (from Brooks Brothers)
Ah shit, Obama's going to be in trouble again - he's wearing his rep stripe tie with the stripes in the English direction. Poor guy, he can't do anything right.
Gokey Camp Mocs for Orvis. Made in USA. I already have two pair of camp mocs and guess I don't need to keep a third. The uppers are in really good shape with little sign of wear, which shows how thick the leather really is. The outsoles will need to be replaced almost immediately - as you can see, one of the outsoles is starting to separate at the heel. I'd just take them to my local cobbler and have them put on camp soles instead of sending them back to...
Allen Edmonds Park Avenue black captoes. Moderate wear, but not too bad - regular creasing of the uppers and little wear to the outsoles. I just have a different pair of AE black blucher shoes that are so similar, and fit better, that I don't need these anymore. Tagged: 8E Outsole: 11 15/16" Outsole width: 4" Insole length: 11" Price: SOLD
Quote: Originally Posted by P. Bateman Had a glorious day today. Sadly everything is a size larger than I would normally wear, however, after trying on it's not too bad. The sleeves are all too long but that's easy to fix. Chest and collar look good. Should I keep or sell? What say you? Sell - the shoulders are all too big. Sell them and buy one shirt that fits you really well.
NOS C&J for PRL, 8D, BIN$99+shipping
Anyone know the model name of these C&Js?
In the US, those kind of shoes are traditionally called "the Boston cracked shoe" look - one should be impeccably dressed, except for shoes that look like they're long past their useful life - it's obviously a not so subtle hint that although the wearer is wealthy, he admires well-worn traditional things and is frugal. Here's a pair of Cleverlys that were in heavy rotation for 40 years - follow the link for a larger version of the picture...
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