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seersucker/pincord suit tan tropical wool suit hopsack blazer white/dirty bucks needlepoint belt with favorite motif pastel polos, preferably from a Southern maker like Southern Tide, Southern Proper, etc. madras shirts - long-sleeve with sleeves rolled patch madras shorts spectators, if you run in that direction burgundy penny loafers
Quote: Originally Posted by TheWGP Seriously considering taking a break altogether for awhile... all day out today and ehhhh. I'm done until the fall rolls around again. With the crappy finds, high gas prices, and lack of buyers (and I'm a bit bored with looking at rack after rack of Nautica, Hilfiger, YSL) it just makes good sense.
Yes, it's still open.
Greenland? Does an autonomous country in a commonwealth count? Mauitius? - nationally proud of the dodo and for making cheap shirts? Bhutan? - until recently the last of the Buddhist monarchies. Happiest country in Asia.
^^ eBay in the vintage shoes section. Looks like the seller has 3 pair all bespoke for a guy around 7-7.5 (sorry, Spoo, not your size) The BB pair ( The other pair (
^^ That's pretty amazing. Here's another pair - just needs a shot of Lexol Here's a pair of ancient Brooks Brothers shoes
You can take a Postal MO straight to the Post Office and they'll give you cash right away for it. If you deposit it in your bank then you'll have to wait for it to clear like a check. I just take my MOs to the Post Office - almost as easy as paypal and you save the fees.
^^ Not sure, I'm deciding whether I should bid on them on eBay and there are no pics of the lining.
Grenson Masterpiece???
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