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Quote: Originally Posted by GoldenTribe I'm curious how to interpret this. Is it that you dislike the size/visibility of it, feel it clashes with the demure nature of the tux, or do you recognize the specific model/brand and dislike it for reasons that don't specifically relate to this photo? A gentleman never wears a watch with an evening suit.
It's still ivory.
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I might have to throw down for this one. A little preview of my trad game. If I had to guess, though, I'd suppose most SFers won't know what to look for in a good "trad" outfit. I assume most don't know what a 5/16" edge is, or a lapped seam, a 2B sleeve, or a hook vent.
Hickey Freeman charcoal herringbone topcoat. Made for this customized program. Fully canvassed, natural shoulders, 3 button front, 1/2 lined, and some nice handwork. Condition is excellent, except for a tear in the lining where the jacket was hung on a hook (pictured). No musty smell. Size: no tagged size, but about a 38S Chest: 44" Shoulders: 19" Sleeves: 23.5" + 2.75 to let out (the previous line will NOT show) BOC: 39.5" Price: $53.00<<60.00<<70.00 shipped in...
Quote: Originally Posted by kenmoor123 One of the most hideous AEs I've ever seen.... shoe trees sold separately
I have a pair of the AE Malverns I bought last fall for around $250. They're blobby, but the leather quality is pretty good (standard AE stuff) and the dainite soles should last a long time. They're not nice enough to wear with a suit, or even odd wool trousers, but better for chinos and the like. If I had to do it again, I'd probably opt for something else (Loake Kempton), but I'd think a decent buy at something around $150, if new.
Saint Crispins on the Classic Last
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