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Yes, they're Aldens. Alden does two different suede lhs loafers. The top pair is the classic lhs shape while the lower pair is a bit more "sleek" with its slightly shaped toe and foxing on the quarters. This is the unlined pair on the Van last with the flex welt (I wear these) http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-men...elt_suede.html This is the lined pair (same as the BB ones) on the Copley last (considered these, but bought the above...
No. 99
He's a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma or is it an enigma wrapped in a riddle inside a mystery? Anyway, he's (Hi Vox)
Jesus, you guys are slow. Guess I'll have to do it. Dude, those are so Boss!!!!!
PM sent on popover
^^ Half the threads on SF are by trolls and we still post in them. It's the noob annoucing the troll who's killing the golden goose.
A very postmodernist take on Zen
Where are you guys getting the crazy notion that AE didn't use corrected grain in the past? AE has been using corrected grain shoes since at least the 1950s http://issuu.com/allenedmonds/docs/1956-1957-catalog. The OP's shoes are obviously corrected grain.
Pack of heathens around here - always cuff chinos (and all pants for that matter). Instead of the 2", you might go for the classic 1.75", which is substantial without drawing too much attention - and perfect for someone who's 6".
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