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For me it's Monday-Thursday: Suit and tie (the occasional sport coat) Friday: Sport coat and tie
It's a black bow with white pin dots - readily available from all the usual bow tie makers. On a side note, such ties are not usually worn with dinner suits. Here's Hanauer's version
Foot-Joy quality was all over the place. They made some shoes equal to contemporary Alden in quality and some on the lower end. Usually the best are their exotics (croc, etc.) and their tassel loafers. Here's a pair of Foot-Joy suede tassels currently on eBay (9.5D) - look good to me
Oxxford 2 button sack tweed sport coat. Sack front, 2B, single vent, 3/8 lined, moderate shoulders, fully canvassed, lots of handwork. Very good to excellent condition.   Tagged: 43R Chest; 46" Waist: 44" Shoulders: 18 3/4" Sleeves: 24 3/4" BOC: 30 1/4"   Price: $60.00 shipped in CONUS or actual abroad
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Look the first one... Is the second one by Hermes? Don't they wish - it was a special run by Chipp II for some of the guys on the trad forum
Crest emblematics don't do much for me, but I have lots animal/fish/novelty emblematics - probably something like 20-25. One of my favorites another favorite
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker ^ Whats up BBC - where the hell have you been? Hey Spoo - just workin' my tail off, but still check in pretty often.
All you big fellas can get yer swank on Vintage Brooks Brothers blackwatch tuxedo, 48-50L
Great look, Vox.
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