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For starters, the colours and the composition is very nice. It really sets the mood. Also, it's probably because the boots stand out from the rest of the background, in focus with the rest of the image out of focus. The result of a nice lens. I like the picture very much too. Beautiful.
I had a pair of 924 Norwegian Front (one of the most versatile shoes I've ever owned suitable for both formal and casual occasions) that I really beat up by wearing them at least 3-4 times a week and it took me almost 4 years to really wear them out (i.e. I nearly went thru both leather soles). I didn't bother to repair them and just got myself another pair in Cigar Cordovan which I now look after. In my opinion, the reason for choosing a pair of double leather sole over...
We kicked off the Alden 125th Anniversary Celebration by launching the Ravello Shell Cordovan "Hunting Boot" which sold out within a week. To continue the Alden 125th Anniversary Celebration, this month, we are launching the #8 Scotch Grain Shell Cordovan Long Wing. In addition to our regular Alden MTOs, stay tuned for more Alden 125th Anniversary MTOs in 2010.
really hope we could.. but the freight logistics from US, Hong Kong back and forth, is making it very difficult we trust Tom has been doing a great job and we shall leave this important mission with LeatherSoul for you guys we do have some discontinued style / odd lot deals in attractive price from time to time. Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude ^great stuff but you need to bring down your costs for those of us here,...
Thank you for posting the photos really glad that you guys like our hunting boots!! stay tuned for some more excitement in ~mid 2010 Quote: Originally Posted by M4TM Seen these?? Beautiful : from Tassels HK
[quote=framus;2819006]They do fit well size 10D, my foot size is 10.5D. Yes the laces are tight, I guess I like tight fitted shoes, that's probably causing the twisting. I think the tongue problem is common amongst many shoes brands. Unfortunately, when that happens, it has to be resolved by manually moving the tongue back into the proper position. Luckily, I have never received any customers complaining about such a problem to me. From your pictures, I wonder if...
Quote: Originally Posted by breakz Has anyone seen something similar to the Context Roy but in this color/finish? That would be the perfect boot, IMO. This pair of Boots is actually the NST Whiskey Boots for us Surprisingly we still have two pairs left. Feel free to contact us for them. BTW we also have these bad boys #8 Indy Boots
Thought I'd share a pair of single pair make up by Alden Vtips in Cigar Shell
Quote: Originally Posted by robin I'm guessing those are a custom model for that HK store? Yes, these are special make-ups for Hong Kong. As far as I know, these shoes are not available elsewhere. If you're interested, please send me an email (info@tassels.com.hk) and I'll check to see if we still have your size as they have been very well received. Please note that this shoe is in the Van last.
My summer go-to casual moccs
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