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I had some done at Spiro's on Danforth a few years back for $50 per with handsewn buttonholes. I was completely satisfied. I suspect Xavier at 10 St. Mary's Street would also do it, although I've never asked him to.
Au Pied de Cochon
I bike to and from work in a suit every day that the weather allows it. If it's very hot, I don't wear a jacket, but my preference is to either wear all of the parts of my suits or none at all. I wear those leg strap things to keep my trousers away from the chain. I don't worry too much about sweat because I'm commuting, not racing, and because I'm not out of shape. The minimal exertion from biking at a normal pace poses no more risk to my suit than the...
I love mine! Everybody says "You'll recapture that fun childhood feeling of running barefoot" and in my experience it's absolutely true. But be sure to take a reasonable amount of time to build up your foot and calf strength if you're new to running in them. And remember that a reasonable amount of time is always more time than you'll think it is while you're high on running endorphins. First time I ran in them, I just did a few laps around the neighbourhood. ...
Chest out; navel in.
Looking to buy cashmere or wool (or blended) ties, particularly in grey, navy and/or purple hues. Please PM with photos. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Will That's a basketweave. If the blue were black it would be close enough. Thanks Will. I love your blog, by the way. Quote: Originally Posted by tlmusic Have you seen this thread discussing wedding ties? I have, thanks. But I did not see an unambiguous statement in that thread as to whether a blue and silver woven tie like the one above would qualify as a wedding tie. Am I...
When I'm in a court that doesn't require robes, I usually wear a dark suit with black shoes, white shirt, solid or repp tie, and a white linen TV fold square. But most of the time I wear this:
I am also not a fan of Maxwells. I think you can do better at Winners (and infinitely better at Mytailor, who like Maxwell comes to Toronto twice a year). I like Salgado (I'm wearing one today) for MTM, but they're 3 for $185 each. Is Ridolfi competitive with that?
Quote: Originally Posted by Pseudosyco Here's Bozzer in better dressed days (number 8): http://img.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/200...on_600x539.jpg I think I saw this band open for the Specials.
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