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Ah yes, anarcho-syndicalist communes:I'm not just referring to slavery, by the way--the division of domestic labor and the position of the metics were also troubling. Another problem, though I have no doubt you don't see it this way, was the crowding out of other virtues by the political sphere; perhaps I could be persuaded that this isn't a necessary development, however.And then there's what they did to poor Socrates...
I can tell you how (some of) the Athenians managed to find time for deliberative democracy, but I don't think Sam's going to like it...
Looks like Duff McKagan, the former GnR bassist.
This isn't exactly a case of an inverted (or rotated) spectrum, but there may be some people who can discriminate between more colors than the average person, in the way that some birds and insects can. Look up "tetrachromacy." As Holdfast points out, the colors we experience aren't "there" in the world, they're a function of our perceptual apparatus. Anything with a different apparatus may well experience things differently. As to whether these experiences are...
I don't quite know what to make of this.
SF needs to know:Notch, shawl, or peak lapel?
This essay by one of Popper's students gives a pretty comprehensive overview of his thought in its later stages, particularly as it applies to the concept of objectivity in science, and has a very comprehensive bibliography to boot. I'm not a specialist in the philosophy of science, but I think it's a good introduction: http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/soc/philosophy/people/associates/miller/foreword2009.pdf
Interesting that the estimate in Case in Point is roughly 50% of that number. Sure, it's not off by an order of magnitude or more, but still hardly an accurate estimate.
Well, it depends on what sense of "superior" you mean. If you want a watch that you can "set and forget" and that will keep reasonable accuracy over a long period of time, then quartz may well suit your preferences better.The reason that people who are into watches rate mechanical timepieces (including both automatic and manual-wind watches) higher than electronic quartz watches is that the former category can represent a much higher level of craftsmanship than the latter....
There are numerous bars in the Parliamentary estate, though apparently not as many as there used to be. The Lords' bar is hideous, though the riverside terrace can be quite nice.When I worked for an MP, Labour staffers used to repair to the Sports and Social, whilst Lib Dem staffers congregated at Bellamy's. It was joked that only trust-fund Tory staff could afford to drink regularly at any of the neighborhood establishments outside the estate.
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