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Small time. Got nine pairs of shoe trees for $3 per pair; almost all split-toe. One pair, cedar split-toe and cedar heel. One pair, solid cedar toe, cedar heel knob, steel spring. Seven pairs of vintage Florsheim (four pairs with original tags attached), cedar split-toe with the plastic handle/toe thing. I'm not looking for any love for this, but I also got a pair of Dan Post cowboy boots (circa 1987) in a really nice russet brown for $8. They had a little bit of mold...
Saw them, but I thought they were for cigars...
1. No $#!+, that's a beautiful suit. 2. Wear it to the premier of Casablanca...
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol october 2008 join date? fuck you Niiiiiiiice. And so helpful.
The new Levi's 501 fit, if you like button fly, is slim. Have you tried Levi's 514s? They're slim, but zipper fly.
Do it. Like you, I wasn't really aware of them (or of many other things) before I found SF. Now, I've got pairs in black, brown and cognac, and I (and my wife) absolutely love them.
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier I must be the only SFer who enjoys these. No sir. I've got a pair of black calfskin Tony Lamas and brown Dan Posts, and I love them. I don't treat them as Western wear (NOT that there's anything wrong with that), but just as another style of shoe.
Quote: Originally Posted by watchingdetails2002 I'd pair them a nice pair of jeans or casual dress. But honestly I wouldn't worry about it. Jeans only. And maybe a white OCBD. It's a classic look. DON'T dye them. If you decide you can't wear them and they're a 10 1/2, let me know. I can take your pain away. Don't think of them as cowboy boots. Treat them as another pair of shoes.
Yeah, have your shoe repair guy take a look at how they fit, and see if he recommends a vamp stretch. Don't bother unless he's going to have them on the stretcher for a day or two, though. In the future, I guess I'd suggest wearing them around the house for a day or two first. If something doesn't feel right, there won't be any wear to the soles, and you should be able to exchange them.
If you're bruised, it sounds like the vamp may be too tight. If that turns out to be the case, you could try a shoe stretcher specifically for the vamp. Google "shoe stretcher vamp" and you'll find several. Is this a problem you've run into to some degree with other shoes.
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