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^ This.
Quote: Originally Posted by Venturian Happy to oblige on the Lucchese's Couple more Lama's for your dancing and listening pleasure... Thanks. Those Luccheses are some seriously good looking footwear. The leather looks thick; probably two lifetimes worth. I really like the medallions and detail on the pulls.
A short time ago, I may have said quantity, but I'm at a point now where I'll put the "meh" item back and mentally deduct that price from the cost of the quality piece I want. It makes the good stuff more affordable.
Notsomuch a fan of double monks, but the color on those are gorgeous. And I'd say they have plenty of ornamentation to hold antiquing. Go slow, but go for it.
No, but it's a good idea. Time to lay out the belts and do the lonnnnggg stroke.
Quote: Originally Posted by Venturian 3 pair cowboy boots Lucchese Handmade and Tony Lama... I'm diggin' those Tony Lamas. May we see the Luccheses? Please.
About 60% black...Tony Lama, Church, Alden, Bostonian, Banana Republic...cowboy boots, caps, monks, chukkas 40% (and gaining rapidly) brown (including chestnut, cognac, etc.)...Dan Post, Bostonian...cowboy boots(2), split toe, monks, caps I'm very small time, but my pre-SF "collection" was 1/4 this size.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku Going by the creasing on the toes, those aren't shell. I don't think Bostonian uses shell. Quote: Originally Posted by mainy they might have way back in the day, but yeah, those are not shell Quote: Originally Posted by Trapp MKB's chukkas aren't shell (creases) but Bostonian did make shell shoes back in the day--and nice ones at that. I have a pair of their...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma ...Sometimes I honestly don't understand why people get married if they're not going to bother trying to understand what the other person says. You're not married, are you? Someday, you'll understand.
One vote for DT.
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