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Quote: Originally Posted by JTA Seconded the above statement. Motion carried. The jacket is too big, and when you lose that 12 pounds, it'll get worse.
Just thrifted a pair of these from Ariat for my wife. Great looking boots; I hope to get a pair for myself soon. At first, I didn't like the kiltie, but the more I see them, the more I like them. Anyone have an idea on the significance of the kiltie? Several manufacturers make these, and they all have them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ryan Graber It went from wow this is awesome to WTF, where is my hand sanitizer. Been there.
otc, nice table. Should look even better with that le creuset sitting on it. The only problem I've sometimes found with old v.c.s is finding the bags for them. Now, get out there and find a pair of Aldens!
At $400 for vintage armored horsehide, in that condition, that fits that well, I'd say that you are considerably ahead of the game. My guess is that, when you have it on, you feel approximately ten feet tall and bulletproof. Good deal, great jacket, lucky devil.
Quote: Originally Posted by Coal_Mining_Polak ^ Congrats! Pics of the J Crew coat? How much did you pay for it? I second that. Would love to see pictures of that coat (and hear how much you paid).
Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan Unknown maker (liner ripped out, so no label) vintage horsehide cafe racer. Picked this up in one of those musty used clothing stores in downtown NYC that stocks mostly 1970s polyester shirts with giant collars and rubbery suede blazers with huge lapels. Definite score. Used to fit skin tight, but I had a custom liner made with pockets for crash armor in the back, shoulders and elbows so it's stretched out a wee bit. ...
Never liked moc toes, but, that aside, I'd go with the Indy.
Moo, those are beautiful boots and will only get better with wear. Sounds like you've already got everything else figured out. Rock 'em. Alternate response: Moo, those boots look horrible. Shouldn't be worn in public. Send them to me, I have no shame.
Quote: Originally Posted by NukeMeSlowly I feel like I found the holy grail. After such a long search, I feel fulfilled yet strangely empty. Congratulations, Nuke. Just shows what patience, and a tight wallet, can get you. Oh, that empty feeling can be filled by buying something else...
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