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Quote: Originally Posted by Swan Song Python snake boots, Made in USA, unknown maker $#!+!!! I've thrifted a few pairs of cowboy boots myself in the last several weeks, but nothing like those and the ostrich ones . 2 pairs of Dan Posts, both about 30 years old, and a pair of unmarked gator/croc/caiman boots in a hornback cut, all for $7 a pair. Purely out of curiosity, how much did you pay for them, and what size are they? I'd just like to...
Quote: Originally Posted by foodguy that's kind of what i was counting on ... then i thought "what if he DOES get rolled? does that mean no more zegna, ever?" I'd say that your intentions were altruistic, thereby granting you immunity. You're good.
Try this...
Quote: Originally Posted by creampiggy ...Any idea if they are authentic?... Yup, look like watches to me.
Table (and the le creuset) looks great. All that color really pops. I think the chairs look better in a few different styles, rather that all the same. Congrats.
Exercise. What are you doing? Especially cardio. Treadmill? Bike? Elliptical? Running? If all you've been doing is dieting, you'll see more pounds melt off with some moderate excercise.
Quote: Originally Posted by Orgetorix They'll have to go to the cobbler to have the suicide heels replaced with something less dangerous... Wha'?, you want to live forever? Nice shoes, though. By now, you should know better.
Bob, you might want to take some other posters' advice and try two sizes down, especially if you're going to lose those 12 pounds and you're worried about the sleeve length. Post back when you get the replacement.
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