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For me, full quill ostrich (with the "boils" or "blister like formations") doesn't work for dress shoes. A smooth ostrich would look fine, though. Those bumps on full quill ostrich are where the larger feathers grow from. Apparently, full quill is very popular in Texas for cowboy boots. Besides full quill and smooth, there is also leg, which is very reptilian looking.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Ostrich at its worth...Who is wearing such monstruosities? A Texan pimp ? Dude, comment not upon that of which you know fucking nothing. (and at least learn to spell)
Quote: Originally Posted by Bhowie Leddy's Not as in your face as these Are these yours? I really like the scalloped tops, and is that barbed wire?
Quote: Originally Posted by Bhowie 1 5/8" riding heel with a 18" barrel Sweet Texas boots. Are those Old Gringo?
Niiiiice boot finds, guys.
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 They can't stop Rodney Dangerfield... Should be Rodney in the boat. I believe that's Ted Knight in the yacht cap. And no, they couldn't stop Rodney. Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube Jeezuz, Hef is looking terrible. Dude, he'll be 84 next month. I've seen people who look worse than that at 60.
Per request... The J. Chishom's I thrifted this weekend...
Quote: Originally Posted by Swan Song I guess Cowboy boots are out of favor around here. These are vintage Dan Post Lizard and the color combination is outstanding. $12 New soles/heels and I'm breakin' them in today. $50 Found a pair of worn J. Chisholm boots yesterday for $8. Didn't fit, but got them as display boots, anyway. I suppose that's about the best I can hope for in Massachusetts. Good find, SS.
[quote=Nataku;2976589]...I scored this Panasonic "TNT" 8-track player! Still works too.[quote] You push down on the handle to change tracks, right? Back in the day(mid 70s), I had a (white) Panasonic Ball and Chain radio. Used to listen to Larry Glick on WBZ in the middle of the night. Ah, memories.
Quote: Originally Posted by Swan Song And a nice NOS Wormser Royal Luxury "The Texan" model gentleman cowboy(LBJ) hat to go with my boots when I go to town Saturday nights. Yee, Haw! Not so much of a hat guy, but that bad boy looks pristine. Should go great with the ostrich boots.
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