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I'd probably wear black, although a lot would depend on shoe and pant colors.
Quote: Originally Posted by LaoHu One must recognize the fact that the iGent style advocated by many on SF, while it may be eternal, is certainly not universal today. In many industries this thing of ours will be a hobby best pursued outside of work if your livelihood depends on your fitting into a corporate culture. Success in those environments often depends on refining your ability to balance being a member of the team and being upward striving yet...
Quote: Originally Posted by Trapp She's pregnant, so we won't have the opportunity to do that for a little while Hey, love hurts...
Too small. What with half a dozen jars of Meltonian, 4-5 cans of Kiwi, 3 bottles of shoe dye, Lexol cleaner and conditioner, suede brush, and various rags, it's all I can do to fit it all in a 10" x 16" x 8" plastic storage box...and I never polish them while I'm wearing them, so the foot support on the top of the box would be all but useless.
Quote: Originally Posted by saimike ...I'm thinking more towards a suit without a jacket and tie. And, wouldn't that be......pants?
Bunny suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Archivist ^^It's and East Coast WASP/American thing. Uh uh. I'm American, East Coast, and WASP (at least by birth), and it ain't my thing.
Quote: Originally Posted by C-Style First post. Thought I would share this find from today. Pair of excellent condition Florsheim Imperials in a size 10D for 4 whole bucks!!! C- Congratulations and welcome to the Forum. Not quite sure how I feel about those shoes, but for $4, I'd have grabbed them too. Good find.
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley Despite the slightly mottled effect, I like the new color much better. Because of the slightly mottled effect, I like the new color much better. Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack Even though the results are nice I find that kind of sad. It's like putting a new facade on a historic building. Yes, but if the historic building was going to be torn down and the new...
Quote: Originally Posted by 83glt I've been on a bit of a tear lately. I'm not going to go into the details, but in the past couple weeks I have found items ranging from shoes to sportcoats from the following makers: sulka, brioni, attolini, battistoni, gieves and hawkes, anderson & sheppard, gianni campagna, isaia, canali, and more... It's been glorious and has re-lit my fire... Details, please, for those of us whose fires have lately been...
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