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[quote=HPress;3710059]Just put a tiny dab of Shoo Goo under the flap and press it down for a few minutes. You can then rub off any excess with your finger. +1 for the Shoe Goo. I've had great luck using it for everything from fixing gouges just like yours, and worse, to gluing down scales on a pair of snakeskin boots. Chances are, a shoe repairman is going to use the same fix. Post pix after repair.
^ I think the thrift stores are bouncing back. Recently got Zegna, Canali, and Giorgio Armani black label shirts, where not too long ago there had been nothing...less than nothing.
Good day today. Got an older L.L. Bean goatskin Flying Tigers jacket in seal, $25. No visible wear and a 1-piece back instead of their current 3-piece. It's no Aero, but... Also got a dark blue commando sweater by Blauer. Made in England, NWT, pure new wool, $5.
Henckels are good. Also look at Wusthofs. I've got a set of Wusthof Tridents that I've had for 20 years and love.
Really happy with yesterday's finds... Canali dress shirt. Light blue/dark blue pinstripes Giorgio Armani black label casual shirt. 1/8" light blue/dark blue pinstripes. Both in excellent condition; both from same donor (same dry cleaner tags). $7.50 each.
In Jersey, I think cement overcoats are the way to go...
Cowboy boots with 501s.
Got a couple of smokin' deals yesterday morning at a flea market; both from the same seller. Schott Perfecto 618 in either heavy steerhide or HH; like new condition; size 46; fits perfect; on Schott's website for $510; got it for $25. The other is a Schott A-2 184SM in naked cowhide; near new condition; missing mouton collar and zipout lining, neither of which I would use; fits perfect; Schott's price, $530; my cost, $25. I'll be selling the Perfecto through Walker's...
Quote: Originally Posted by DWFII Elephant. ..., ostrich, shark, kangaroo,...
Quote: Originally Posted by 83glt Can I brag about thrifting absolutely nothing? Because that's all I find anymore. Been finding quite a lot of that myself, lately.
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