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I think perhaps should become a permanent stock Colour :-)
Thank you very much and I'll keep a check on my emails and timings and let you know if I am free anytime. I know I have a charity event to go to Saturday evening, and my friend and chaperone tells me I will be busy during my stay. I am hoping a few beers will be included with any of the guys we can hook up with :-)
I totally agree with you, but I never saw a close comparison between Mogano and Orange, or 'Marmalade' as they sometimes called it.The link here shows a Mogano Stow we did http://www.shoehealer.co.uk/trickers/mto-tricker-s-stow-mogano-brown-cordovan-detailand a Teak Daniel http://www.shoehealer.co.uk/trickers/tricker-s-daniel-detailAnd a 'Charles' we did in Orange Cordovan http://www.shoehealer.co.uk/trickers/custom-tricker-s-charles-detailThe colours past couple of years...
Clearly you know better than they. In any case, you probably have Mogano and Teak already so you would know the difference right ? :-)
A Wise man has spoken :-)
exquisite :-)
Hi Peter, glad to be meeting you at the show Sir :-) Unfortunately the only Cordovan models I have available now are the Plain Derby style 'Robert', in Black or Burgundy Cordovan. I am in the process of sorting various models I intend to bring, but in order to bring as many different colours, sizes and models possible I am not sure I can bring 'pairs'.Also, in order cancel out the UK Vat, I may need to ship any purchases to you so I can use the shipping document for my own...
The warming glow of Tricker's Acorn Antique calf leather, combines with the falling leaves of Autumn Gold and renders one breathless........https://www.facebook.com/ShoeHealer/photos/pcb.1327821170584355/1327820110584461/?type=3&theater Check this picture out guys, and tell me if I should have been a poet or if I am well suited to being a Tricker's expert :-)
I would love to come to Paris Sir ! Is there anything like the Trunk Show in NYC you are aware of there, or should I just take my near two years old son 'George' to Disneyland and bring a pair of something special for you ? :-)
With as many Tricker's as I can possibly carry no doubt !!
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