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I think perhaps should become a permanent stock Colour :-)
Thank you very much and I'll keep a check on my emails and timings and let you know if I am free anytime. I know I have a charity event to go to Saturday evening, and my friend and chaperone tells me I will be busy during my stay. I am hoping a few beers will be included with any of the guys we can hook up with :-)
I totally agree with you, but I never saw a close comparison between Mogano and Orange, or 'Marmalade' as they sometimes called it.The link here shows a Mogano Stow we did a Teak Daniel a 'Charles' we did in Orange Cordovan colours past couple of years...
Clearly you know better than they. In any case, you probably have Mogano and Teak already so you would know the difference right ? :-)
A Wise man has spoken :-)
exquisite :-)
Hi Peter, glad to be meeting you at the show Sir :-) Unfortunately the only Cordovan models I have available now are the Plain Derby style 'Robert', in Black or Burgundy Cordovan. I am in the process of sorting various models I intend to bring, but in order to bring as many different colours, sizes and models possible I am not sure I can bring 'pairs'.Also, in order cancel out the UK Vat, I may need to ship any purchases to you so I can use the shipping document for my own...
The warming glow of Tricker's Acorn Antique calf leather, combines with the falling leaves of Autumn Gold and renders one breathless........ Check this picture out guys, and tell me if I should have been a poet or if I am well suited to being a Tricker's expert :-)
I would love to come to Paris Sir ! Is there anything like the Trunk Show in NYC you are aware of there, or should I just take my near two years old son 'George' to Disneyland and bring a pair of something special for you ? :-)
With as many Tricker's as I can possibly carry no doubt !!
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