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Useful information for some ?Under the Backsock and Heel cushion inside every Tricker's shoe, is the UK Size and Last Number the shoes were made on. The 'UK Size' element is important, as Tricker;s make shoes for some US and Japanese outlets in US and Japanese Sizes. These are a Half Size different to UK Sizes. ie; Hand Written on the Lining of a US Sized 9, under the Backsock it would be written 8 1/2.The Backsock is only fixed in place with contact adhesive and can...
If I made add my 'two penneth' Brew, and in no particular order ?Tricker's mislead many by using Numbers instead of Letters to denote the Width Fitting of their shoes, so as correctly pointed out, if it is hand written on the Lining 10.5. then it is a size 10, width fitting 5 (standard width). Half Sizes would be written 10 1/2 .5. but......the 'Half' is written as a fraction (1/2), and is most often so badly written that it is indercipherable.You have the Stow, on 4497s...
My own thoughts too, is that considering Tricker's Half Size Difference between UK and US Sizing, so true to average size US 8, try UK 7 1/2 in Tricker's 4537 Last which is found by most to be more or less true to average size.
No problem at all Sir, and please feel free to ask for any information I may be able to help you with, anytime.Just a heads up Guys, after a conversation today with the factory.Snuff Waxy Commander, a great leather is in very limited supply and most likely will be discontinued. There are decent stocks of Cuba Waxy Commander available.Best regards,Richard.
A 'Die' is a tool used to punch the Brogue Pattern on the Toe Cap. The term 'Toe Die' is used at the factory, and it is also known as a 'Toe Medallion'.
A question of opinion for you Guys, does 4444 Last work with a Flat Welt and closer Sole Edge Trim ? Me, I am not so sure but each to their own I guess. I would be interested to hear your opinions.....
Tricker's Shoe Cream is available in the colour 'Cognac', which is a near perfect colour match for the colour C Shade. Also a good colour match is Saphir Pommadier Cognac.Tricker's Branded Cognac 'Wax', is darker in colour, and better suited to the colour 'Marron Antique.Hope this helps.
Certainly not affiliated with Tricker's, they just have license to name and brand.
I believe there is a guy (company) in Italy that has licence to use Tricker's name and branding, and the shoes pictured are part of their make up.
Tricker's should be made in England right guys ?Probably the reason I still have around 80 pairs of the now defunct Corniche Collection sat around, unloved, not displayed and with little inclination towards them :-(
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