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It figures... I already have the only pair of shoes in my size Arg
Just a guess - "wine down" is a play on words for "wind down" with wine. To 'wind down' means to move towards relaxation. Arg
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman I use the term to describe my favorite bar, but that said, it does not share some of the negative attitude traits of some of the NYC places that use it. They serve classic, old-school, hardcore cocktails made extremely well, with exceptional ingredients, in an elegant, but not ostentatios atmosphere. Sounds like an excellent establishment. Care to share? Arg
Quote: Originally Posted by Coho What do you guys think about a straight handle? Looks less dandy and more business, like... should the opportunity presents itself. Quote: Originally Posted by robin No, they look like you're going to go caddying for someone on a golf course. +1 Definitely agree with the golfing stigma associated with straight handled umbrellas. Arg
Great looking umbrella. Lovely photos. That stick looks very substantial. Have Briggs become thicker recently? Arg
Quote: Originally Posted by Coho Does anyone own this umbrella and care to share some real life photos? I plan to get it through the main USA distributor unless someone has another source they can share. Thanks in advance. Out of curiosity, who's the main USA distributor? Arg
Quote: Originally Posted by Dmax In Manhattan, Joe the Art of coffee and Ninth Street Espesso offer some next level espresso and cappuccino. If you live near onevof their locations you should definitely check them out. Thanks for the recommendations! I think I've been to the Joe's near NYU, but I'll have to check out Ninth Street Espresso. There are a number of great coffee places in the city that's for sure. My personal favorite coffee...
Marriage is expensive Arg
Heh, one of my friend plays in a dodgeball league in the city. Hell, you might be dating her. Arg
When it comes to Starbucks vs. McDonalds, I'll happily pay the four dollar premium on marginal coffee at Starbucks so as not to have to deal with the service, clientelle, and cleanliness at McDonalds. As much as I would like to support my "local" coffee shop, the only thing worse than the quality of coffee is the quality of the service. Arg
New Posts  All Forums: