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@mghart i dig the look of those. i own about 8 pair of walts and they are my favorite cut, but i prefer the taylor for a color as common as khaki. keep em.
is the purple haze flannel a fall/winter-weight fabric or can it be rocked in warm weather? if it's LA-appropriate I will buy.
just picked up 5 individualized shirts at the LA trunk show, all with the artisan collar. hope they don't suck.
price drop to $275 shipped as i've now worn them 5 times
As I rarely have the occasion to wear this beautiful jacket, I am listing my russet goatskin Aero Premier Bootlegger in size 40. This was custom ordered through Insurrection about a year ago and I've only worn it about 8 times. It really is an amazing jacket, but this warm LA weather has it sitting in my closet too much. Few details and measurements: Size 40 P-2-P = 21" Shoulder = 18" Sleeve = 26.75" Body (back) = 26.25" Lochcarron Crail Check Tweed liner; no zipper on...
it's definitely a cropped look, but not too short. look gets thrown off by the untucked polo. i typically wear it with a tucked in button down and it works.
here's my new Mister Freedom Campus jacket bought on the forum here. Hat is from the master Art Fawcett.
evo pic from South Beach of the horsehide trainers...
great looking hat, Tibor. Where can we see more of your work?
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