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you can use a hat stiffener like http://www.bickmore.com/products/hat-care/kahls-hat-stiffener.htmlspray it on the brim, steam the hat, shape the brim, let dry. may take a few turns, but it will work.
Just bought one of the Eidos slim fit suits that are on sale at Bloomies.com. Chose my normal 52/42 suit size. Hoping this fits as well as others say as it looks gorgeous and was a nice price.
amazing hat that probably costs as much as a decent used motorcycle.
i have a borsalino newsboy cap i really quite like. definitely a more stylish choice than a baseball hat. i say go for it.
did you call or email with Christian? i've always had great service with him and Left Field, your experience seems uncharacteristic.
the thing about double-monks, mike, is the quality ones stand out from the pack of trend chasers that came out in the last few years. Monks from C&J, Carmina, JL, Vass, EG, and Alfred Sargent always look amazing. Obviously at $375 they won't be JL, Vass, or EG; but if your makeup can come close to the C&J and Carmina models you should absolutely bring them back.
mike and all followers of this thread - apologies if this has been asked previously here, but how does the Southwick size compare to the LBM? i have the amazing LBM farmers check from last season in size 42 and it fits pretty well (perhaps a hair tight in chest and short in sleeve). which size Southwick should i choose?
@mghart i dig the look of those. i own about 8 pair of walts and they are my favorite cut, but i prefer the taylor for a color as common as khaki. keep em.
is the purple haze flannel a fall/winter-weight fabric or can it be rocked in warm weather? if it's LA-appropriate I will buy.
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