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@heldentenor great photo; looks like you're watching teenagers sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g
Aero makes INCREDIBLE jackets. i bought their Bootlegger last year and love it.
Alden Indy 401 in Black size 10 B/D on the Trubalance last. These are in excellent condition and have only been worn a handful of times. I'm selling these for a co-worker and they will not come in the original box. $275 + 4% paypal shipped conus
i ordered this very same one
new to me Borsalino The Film in olive
still looking to sell this to get something more in my size. just lowered price. come take it off my hands on the dawn of the weather cooling.
stopped by the LA trunk event today and bought a couple individualized shirts. seeing jim's fabrics and adele's tattoos in person was well worth my time. thanks you two.
you can use a hat stiffener like http://www.bickmore.com/products/hat-care/kahls-hat-stiffener.htmlspray it on the brim, steam the hat, shape the brim, let dry. may take a few turns, but it will work.
Just bought one of the Eidos slim fit suits that are on sale at Bloomies.com. Chose my normal 52/42 suit size. Hoping this fits as well as others say as it looks gorgeous and was a nice price.
amazing hat that probably costs as much as a decent used motorcycle.
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