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here's my aero bootlegger premier in russet goatskin as promised...
i'll post some photos of how that russet goat bootlegger looks on an actual body soon. it's truly a great jacket. mean and cool at the same time.
positively gorgeous jacket.
great boots katabatic. seem like they could be ideal for street fighting as the blood would hardly show. but give peace a chance, please.
i keep saying this - the kamigata looks best with a collared shirt. another great outfit here.
Left Field NYC has 15% off with code BLACK2830 - http://leftfieldnyc.com/
i would be SUPER pissed if I found Epaulet was open today. I would question Mike and Adele's citizenship and possibly even never buy from them again. Glad to hear they are American and I can keep spending.
damn, that jacket is righteous. bathroom reminds me of a pensione i stayed at in barcelona where the guy in the room next to me was Elvis on The Ramblas.
Posting my first ever EP related pic up. Taking the Woodland Camo Rivets out for their inaugural run.[/quote] fit looks spot on. wearing my desert camos today. these are more versatile than you'd think.
will my face disappear if i buy one of these? if so, will be ordering next week.
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