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i own a pair of Galways in Edwardian Antique and have been thinking about selling them to get a couple more pair of epaulet sneakers. agree Galways are top of the heap, but i now have a standing desk at work and sneakers are making their way back into my wardrobe.
fit is perfect here
NEW Trickers for Grahame Fowler chocolate brown Stow boots in smooth and pebble-grain leather. Gorgeous boots with a unique touch of shift pads on the toes. These are size 9.5UK on the 5 fitting on the Stow last (which translates to a 10.5US). Fit is consistent with my other 3 pairs of Trickers on this fitting. Style is M7688. Retailed for $650. $385 shipped conus
Mike - instead of a leather sport coat from Thedi, i'd recommend doing an Epaulet take on this Thedi beauty:
i own three pairs of angus shorts and none of them have stretched.
ordered the GATs - now I just have to brush up on my photography skills so I can win that damn contest.
shoulder to toe Epaulet today. Seersucker individualized shirt (that i'm still trying to dial in fit), indigo sea canvas rivets, and pewter trainers from a few years back. hat is from Baron Hats in Los Angeles - a replica of what Darren McGavin wore in The Night Stalker.
thinking of picking up the Full Court High Trainers. Anyone have a photo of them paired with walts or rivets? trying to determine if they'll look slick or a little bulky in that pairing.
just picked up this Baron Hats Kolchak, which is a replica of what Darren McGavin wore in "The Night Stalker":
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