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just picked up this Baron Hats Kolchak, which is a replica of what Darren McGavin wore in "The Night Stalker":
that Art Fawcett is about perfect
Very good condition Trickers Jacob penny loafers in UK 9.5 on the 5 fitting, which translates to a US 10.5. There is some discoloration on the left front of the right shoe as pictured. A cobbler or just a good cleaning could probably fix this. Great shoes, I just personally rarely reach for them.
Gently used Alden Color #8 Shell Cordovan Captoe boots. These are model 4060 in size 10 C/E. I believe they are on Alden's Grant last. There are a few minor scuffs and light wear on the soles, but still TONS of life left in these gems. $375 shipped conus
I actually picked this up second-hand. got lucky it fits as well as it does. plan on getting a new one from Art soon.
Art sends you a "conformer" hat first to make sure he gets your size right. and he sends you felt samples so you can select the color. yes, you do need to know generally what shape and brim length you like beforehand. but if you know that you will be happy with his work.
i'm not quite sure which color it is as i picked it up second hand. it's a light tan/beige color.
surprised this thread has not seen more activity lately with the proliferation of hats on celebs and the sartorialist. here's one of my recent additions, an Art Fawcett featherweight beaver fur fedora:
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