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i agree, it was between that and the bootlegger for me.
that's a dynamite jacket
both of these are mean. get them both and post pictures.
i have had zero stretch in my LF t-shirts and i wear them a little snug
the brim is turned down, which is causing the "covering" effect
here's a straight on shot of the Borsa. Definitely not sold on it, but also do like it.
store i ordered my Stylemaster from could not deliver it in time for my vacation, so i replaced it with a Borsalino sisal straw. it fits a touch snug on my oval head so i'm contemplating stretching it. would love any thoughts on the shape for my face to see if it's worth keeping.
just ordered an Akubra Stylemaster in acorn. Not yet sure I'm a fedora guy, but going to give it a shot. I put it at 50/50 this thing will be for sale by Feb.
here's my aero bootlegger premier in russet goatskin as promised...
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