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Gently used Epaulet Rivet Chino Navy USN Digital Camo in Size 32. These have been worn several times and washed likely once. The previous owner had the waist let out, but the hem is the original length. Following are the actual measurements: Waist = 17" Inseam = 35.25" Leg opening = 7.5" $80 shipped conus
tight look. interesting choice to cuff them linens.
and i just got a David Luiz wig for 75% off
i'm going to call them tomorrow. this all could be because i instructed them to ship to my business, which is a different address from my billing address.
did anyone else who ordered from atrium get an email message requiring you to send them a photo of your credit card and government ID due to recent fraud? i did and am hesitant to send it to them as i've never ordered from atrium.
just scooped those polka dot marsells from atrium. crazy price.
the shoes are really quite sweet with this config. they c&j?
here's how the scarlett linen walts look with blobby shoes (vass) and one of the funniest guys in the world.
i received an order confirmation immediately after ordering last week, but no shipping confirm yet.
i gave the Han Kjobenhavn sample sale a shot, buying 4 things. hopefully they'll fit or you'll see them up on B&S. went to their store in NYC last year and dig what they're about.
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