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Couple items sold. Other prices have been dropped
how could I pull this off with a grey suit
PM me for more info or pics. Shipping will be calculated based on location. Thanks 1) Diesel button down shirt size Medium $80 $70 OBO (Worn a couple times) 4)APC Chino Size M $175 $165 OBO (BRAND NEW) 7) Life After Denim Chino Size 34 $80 (BRAND NEW)
Really interested in a jacket like this one is the quality worth the price tag? I was also looking at the APC version.
I have a couple things that I need to sell so I decided to post them on here in hopes of a quick sale. Everything is OBO so do not be afraid to offer. email - or pm me here. APC Rescues tagged size 35 measured size 19 1/2'' thigh 13 3/4 worn around lightly 2-3 days per week since 11/11/11 $100shipped Red Wing 875 size 12 EE worn approx. 30 times but a bit too big. great condition come with box $125shipped Dr.Martens Size...
I would like to know this also...
Well follow up questions, Do they stretch the same as the Indigo PS? any recommendations as to where to buy?
^Great! answered my question perfectly. Thanks!
What are the different types on Black New Standards APC carries? I tried on a pair at Barney's that was straight black, however when I purchased a pair off the internet It was slightly grey. Can someone link me to the All Black Selvedge pair?
can you please PM me more pics of #5 thanks
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