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I still laugh at Japanese and Korean cars. I think people who buy them here in Canada are idiots. I drive a Lincoln MKX made right here in Ontario.
Makes sense.Wow, pretty soon we'll be buying Chinese cars and treating all other cars with contempt.
Dammit those green bottles made me want a beer!
Uh. I hate how slow CN sites are to load here in Canada. Forget it. Alden ftw.
Saw your blog. Interesting. A Chinese guy here does private lending. Based on your one picture, there must be serious need for it. Goofy interest rates if you can handle the risk Your sub button is broken :PANd you need a facebook share button.
Respect and desire for something better for them is offensive now? -.o
Currently I have 1 black pebble Frosheim Royal Imperial w/ vcleat, 1 burguny shell Hanover LB PTB, 1 pebble brown Hanover LB. I just donated by Indian Florsheim blacks to charity :P
Just sitting here bemoaning the garbage that Florsheim is now. For such a rich group of people, you would think the Jews would never let something like that happen. Anyway, are there any Chinese brands on the radar these days?
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