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What is midnight purple, exactly? Is it "blacker than black", like midnight blue?
Quote: Originally Posted by mcmurphy To use your analogy, the problem wasn't that SkinnyGoomba had more cereal, it's that he was eating a steak for breakfast. Yes, I might want a steak, too, but that doesn't make me jealous for pointing out that it's inappropriate. If he had dressed stylishly AND appropriately, the peanut gallery would have had nothing but compliments. And a humble man would have laughed at himself in this situation instead of making...
Quote: Originally Posted by nahneun It's rude because none of the other guests are dressed up. You don't go to a party to one-up everyone else. especially not the host. Your intentions are admirable, but not everyone will see it that way. That only works if there's a specified dress code, or if the level of formality expected is pretty obvious (eg a barbecue). For something like an engagement party, the expected level of formality can...
Well, people also used to wear shawl collar dress coats. However, I do not really like the combination of the louche shawl collar and the militaristic dress coat - pointed or m-shaped lapels always look much better and appropriately "sharp".
This might be a stupid question, but what exactly would be the problem with using barathea for most of one's lounge suits?
What has just happened to this thread? Some posts seem to have disappeared,
Quote: Originally Posted by bawlin Asking if tan shoes is acceptable to wear to a wedding is a basic question? Really? Could you please point me in the direction of the other threads dedicated to this very topic? Regardless, I appreciate your response. Well, it's been discussed before. Traditionally, any serious occasion (and weddings were always considered solemn ceremonies), as well as any evening event, called for black shoes.
He's referring to the fact that you're asking such a basic question despite having 300 posts. Anyway, wear a dark suit (perhaps something like a navy DB), black belt, well-shined black oxford shoes. For extra smartness, I would also encourage you to consider a starched white shirt with a stiff spread or semi-spread collar, tasteful cuff links, white linen pocket square and a wedding tie. Perhaps even a carnation in your lapel, unless you think only the wedding party will...
No, not at all. I can see why you might possibly interpret power ties and loud patterns as making statements, but a fitted waist and padded shoulders? Seriously? Decisions about that sort of thing are made based on what flatters your physique.
Well, the OP's name is Svenn, so he's probably Scandinavian and 5'11" might be below average height there.
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