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More of the same boring stuff. Sorta MC-friendly. also got a haircut over the weekend [[SPOILER]]
Quote: Originally Posted by scott.m I want double monks for s/s so badly. i'm set with trickers
Quote: Originally Posted by NameBack What's the pro/con of cuffs vs no cuffs? agree with fuuma no cuffs because the V of the jacket, lapel size, and the pockets don't suggest the business fit that cuffs would add
sq4 i'll buy your shoes at $100 a piece, that's more than i paid for all of my baller sneakers each shipping included
yeah they'll be fine after washing but if you don't wanna you are right it'll only take less than a month of wear to get those to a nice fit
Quote: Originally Posted by wootx so you go from home to work like this and then suit up at work -- then change back 8 hours later? i'd rather put the suit on from the beginning, or am i missing something? it makes a lot of difference believe me, ar6 doing nothing wrong (unless he lives 5 minutes to work... but still when you have an office it's your second home)
ar6 good job, your sneakers don't destroy your fit this time and everything looks good (other than hair as noted) halisray boots are gordon rush, sweater is uniqlo
More of the same boring stuff. also got a haircut over the weekend [[SPOILER]]
Quote: Originally Posted by pfurey The fit / detailing is nice. I feel like mid-market Japanese brands would have overdone it. lanvin overdone it already
Quote: Originally Posted by nicelynice mtm coat from a friend's label in Korea, pretty nice [[SPOILER]] dunno if it was your friend but another guy asked me to tell people about that brand on my blog keep meaning to go down there some time since the stuff looks good
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