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Quote: Originally Posted by Diavolo Thanks very much. Others don't quite see it that way. Que sera. More would be right in the world if people took your advice.
Apparently night shots are not something my camera is very good at.
fyi this is what happens if you take pics with no sun but didn't bother getting any accessories for your camera at least the girl interviewing me said I was the best looking person she's seen in a suit!
I feel like wearing my godawful jil lavender suede chukkas; someone think of something they'd look nice in!
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger the irony is that the best gaming keyboards and shit in the world are just copies of old ibm keyboards. all the fancy lite brite shit is a no go. ibm model m is all you need and you're set for life
ar6 looks good trying to get a little more wear outta this krane before it gets too hot:
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol Mellon you have a really nice face. I figured that imgur's instant catification feature would help his pic out a bit: [[SPOILER]]
about the white sneakers thing I changed my mind since last year; even super bright ones own in just about any outfit (also that old fitpic of me involved adidas not cps) Quote: Originally Posted by berlin report Wasn't there a time when everyone was drooling over W+H hoodies here? That said, I think that hoodie is too tight. well this is styleforum where people lust after the dumbest stuff Quote: Originally Posted by...
hey guys cover your eyes, I wore GATSSSS today
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one current happenings, star date 3/31/11 8:51am: Stuff is all being made, shipping again on Friday this week (moving most of our shipping to Fridays as a habit now.) Almost every jacket prior to the recent releases is either shipped or finished and sent/waiting to be sent. Emilo with the batman avatar was the first to order from the new styles and so he is first to get swagged out, I think we get to go look at it...
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