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The lambskin is really, really tough. I TRASH my red every weekend and it's thinner and less resilient than black. No scuff marks yet. My black lamb endured me skidding down a pavement path after spraining an ankle. Again no marks. Water will do nothing.
T-000 stretches a lot this season fyi. I thought I'd do 31 but went with TTS at 30. It is almost too big now which is good so that I can sag it.
Disappointed that Nii didn't go as Agent 47.
obviously sq4 needs to eat (because she can't unless he does right?)
Boys Noize was great last night (whoa was it really last night?) Here's the first of a bunch; I'll add more in a week or whenever the photographers upload the pics.
In a week I have about a million pics to put up. Deadmau5 was a hit at Boys Noize!
Fuck, is this from Battlefield Baseball? Can't believe someone else watched it.holy shit good job, this owns
Nothing. Go naked and covered in blood. Maybe wear some tennis shoes.
Guess I'll be an asshole and start giving criticism in this thread. I think his shirt doesn't go with the bottom at all and am not sure what it would look great with to be honest. Not liking the color much.
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