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same way an abusive husband treats his wife
I am! It was below freezing just a few days ago now it's around 17*C/60*F!
I'd wear a brown bomber and fly planes and wear aviators.
tween post that first one in fyad and see how long it goes on don't understand the weather at all this year
that's because colbert looks ancient in the pic and is wearing an oversized bomber; plus that's probably the exact way he wanted to come offwhite people look fine in bombers
you need a real winter jacket and real winter clothes; MN is much, much more intense than Korea
Suddenly freezing cold but apparently will be back to nearly 20*C this weekend. Weather is crazy.
my black moto has almost exactly that much room in the body as well; it's part of the design to be honest
Really? On both of my monitors the colors look fairly true to life. Would never have mistaken it for the bright red jacket I have. I'll admit I sort of warm the picture up by cheating with the camera because I hate how the pics come out if I take them with the correct setting.I actually ripped the hem by accident and it ran up a bit. Wasn't able to salvage it, so I chopped off where it got ripped. As a result, I pretty much have to cuff it like this. Still doesn't...
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