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Work fit, same old shit. [[SPOILER]]
haha to be honest it's sorta stupid, the shoes clash with the coat big time (coat is too structured/sharp) and it's definitely a big fuck you. Dunno I'm just mixing whatever and I see Ricks all the time while at work so I'm just trying to trash mine some more.I think it still looks way better than what most Korean dudes wear with them though... which is like button down shirt and blazerI think it "works" but I've obviously done way better so whatever, thanks though.
I'm sorry for what I've done.
It's not really the workout routine that matters but the food you eat. And that definitely gets worse as you get older.
ceoceo:I was born in South Dakota and lived there for a long time. Graduated from University of Minnesota. So I'm pretty used to intense cold.I don't use it much these days since I don't need it but the leather is pretty much no longer super stiff. I oiled it once though.
same way an abusive husband treats his wife
I am! It was below freezing just a few days ago now it's around 17*C/60*F!
I'd wear a brown bomber and fly planes and wear aviators.
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