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I'm in the industry but had no idea he was here; best surprised I've ever had. Walking into Answer on a Thursday night to 3 hours of intense scratch.
DJ Craze is amazing. Probably one of the most fun nights I've had in Korea.
didn't do one of these for a while have I
Clubbing in jackets tends to fuck them up pretty fast! I was afraid you were gonna jack it since it looked great on you lol
mine is just a crystal castles band shirt, really really comfy (I'm not even a huge fan of cc or anything just it's comfy and fits me well)The other reason I wear them all the time is that our company was taking care of CC while in Korea so I have like 50 of these shirts lol
random shit I've been a part of lately or found funny; don't really find time to do stuff lately so sorry for being gone the past month
They all look pretty good lol
You'll be meeting up with me Friday night again I think so I'll wear it then (would also give you a pretty good connection here in Korea as far as leather jackets go). I'll talk to Dan about it. Thanks for stopping by at my party BTW, but I was busy as hell managing everything.Also this embarrassing CF came out with me wearing the aforementioned whiskey DR. Was at Club Answer since Miero sponsored our party lol
nothing new but it was great to be a part of group therapy and not have my drink stolen by crystal castles; my show on top of that
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