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Messing around with having custom made sneakers after my boots experiment worked out well. Quality is amazing. So many skilled craftsmen over here that just need a little push into making awesome stuff. Don't think I posted the boots either, but here's what I messed around with on that end (missing is another brown pair similar to the black ones): Black boots held up in 3 days straight of rain while camping and my feet remained dry the entire time.
I know it's an example but after wearing a lot of leather jackets that red one was definitely too short on me. I still feel like the whiskey rider fit just about right. I'll do an update on how it aged if anyone's curious, especially since I see a similar whiskey rider is being sold.and holy shit now I know why people are a bit fiesty. I just caught up on the whole TOJ shit and now I feel bad that buying my jackets supported a dickhead like that.
Nevermind, I don't think this shit even warrants the response I gave it. If anyone has problems with me feel free to PM me.
all of these are jackie chan movie tropes, only 4 is true about korea
because that's where my chin is
hope this answers your questions
still wearing basically the same stuff
couple more things just wearing whatever
Full view pic of the last one; guess I got a modeling job too lol
realized I never had a proper bathroom fit pic
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