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honestly don't let those shorts go, even if you have to get rid of the jacket
The bad part about Asia is so many people wear awesome stuff but the disgusting humid summer destroys the ability to do so most of the time
we're way ahead of you
one of my guys in China that has continually impressed me after all the shit shoe makers in Korea
It isn't as popular as making fakes of RO or CP but it's very easy to find sort of decent DBSS knockoffs around HK/Korea. They're not well made and smell like glue.I wouldn't be surprised to see well made knockoffs either. Some of the CP knockoffs in China feel better in quality than originals now.
Some more semi-custom footwear on its way in a week or two. Also getting another pair of those snake sneakers since they turned out so well. Wasn't planning on the boots but wanted the color and was getting a good deal.
Was on the way to get a haircut and with the rare sunny day here during the rainy season I figured I'd take a couple pics for the hell of it. Still trying to lose a few more kg but made a lot of progress since Feb.
Since a few people asked I might look into it once I'm on my summer vacation. For now I'm swamped with too much stuff.
They were priced really well but I'd guess shipping them from China wouldn't be the cheapest thing in the world. If people are really serious I guess I could look into how much shipping across the pond would cost. He usually takes a couple weeks to make each pair of boots/shoes.
Messing around with having custom made sneakers after my boots experiment worked out well. Quality is amazing. So many skilled craftsmen over here that just need a little push into making awesome stuff. Don't think I posted the boots either, but here's what I messed around with on that end (missing is another brown pair similar to the black ones): Black boots held up in 3 days straight of rain while camping and my feet remained dry the entire time.
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