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not bad but would look better with an old navy scarf
I think Synth is on a good point teger. Even if your work sucks, it's still the thought that counts. Not being a jackass; I always made every single gift I gave to a gf something I made unless she specifically asked for something else.
see, wasn't that hard to start recommending me stuff down my alley
yeah I'll agree with that, eason you should be all phat guido'd out instead of guido'd out
my scarf is actually pretty good for an old navy scarf though just lettin you know! ps I have a charcoal scarf but jesus fuck that is boring as hell and my ex gf gave it to me so never again with boring scarves it's very, very nice too
lol tegs I love you keep going
teger I think you are the only person in the world that has had a negative opinion about my awesome scarf and I'm assuming you don't like it because it's not boring enough
boots are redwing 4451lol you normally give good advice but this bit is pretty fucking stupid
I only have 23" thighs now Also feeling like an onion or something with this many layers, haha
You'd be surprised.
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