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realized I never had a proper bathroom fit pic
have way too many of these damn shirts
I'm in the industry but had no idea he was here; best surprised I've ever had. Walking into Answer on a Thursday night to 3 hours of intense scratch.
DJ Craze is amazing. Probably one of the most fun nights I've had in Korea.
didn't do one of these for a while have I
Clubbing in jackets tends to fuck them up pretty fast! I was afraid you were gonna jack it since it looked great on you lol
mine is just a crystal castles band shirt, really really comfy (I'm not even a huge fan of cc or anything just it's comfy and fits me well)The other reason I wear them all the time is that our company was taking care of CC while in Korea so I have like 50 of these shirts lol
random shit I've been a part of lately or found funny; don't really find time to do stuff lately so sorry for being gone the past month
They all look pretty good lol
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