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Haven't posted a fit for a while but I basically wear the same shit every day. [[SPOILER]]
Or you can do what I did and not give a fuck and keep wearing it and have it naturally return to buttery soft within like a day. And I washed my jacket along with wearing it in the rain a bunch.
I wish presidential elections were like this TOJ fit battle instead of the opposite. Would be nice to think no matter who I vote for it's awesome.
merry christmas everyone
Basically a rehash of a month ago with some tweaks. Entered to toj contest. [[SPOILER]]
anyway basically a rehash of a month ago, here's what I'll enter to the contest (and never posted this jacket on sufu so I guess I'll do that too) [[SPOILER]]
My seabag broke leather was fine, but one of the metal buckles snapped in half. Goes to show how strong that horsehide is.
because they are (I have a pair but just slightly too small on me )
wearing all shades of black/grey in mourning of deard leader
which one should I use, halloween red dr fit or whiskey dr with camo pants
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