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Jealous of people that are able to get away with knits and jackets... pretty muggy over here. Technically I guess this fit might be able to go in the challenge thread.
I've made my hill to die on. NN should burn the jacket and buy these shorts.
Welt is something you ask for. Goodyear unless specified otherwise, with the assumption that if something else is asked for then it's a Norweigiean welt for a double sole of something or other.I'm almost certain he must just tie fucking ropes around the shoes and toss them in a river while inside a bag or something. This is where it looks good but there's been some severely overdone toe spring. I think for sneakers this particular maker doesn't care that much about...
they're so epic though
Normally no but with the bone color then almost... I've been wanting derbies like this forever and it only worked out since black front and back zips were really popular last year over here and making a variation of summer bucks wasn't that far out there.
honestly don't let those shorts go, even if you have to get rid of the jacket
The bad part about Asia is so many people wear awesome stuff but the disgusting humid summer destroys the ability to do so most of the time
we're way ahead of you
one of my guys in China that has continually impressed me after all the shit shoe makers in Korea
It isn't as popular as making fakes of RO or CP but it's very easy to find sort of decent DBSS knockoffs around HK/Korea. They're not well made and smell like glue.I wouldn't be surprised to see well made knockoffs either. Some of the CP knockoffs in China feel better in quality than originals now.
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