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when was I ever adamant that I don't teach kids, I teach kids every day and love it also not fat
ok you got dibs if it doesn't fitthat blue jacket I just got probably shouldn't be my style either but looks fine; guess I'll risk it!nn got that wjk bomber which should be my style so I need something to match him!
Those shoes don't look good until they get a little dirty anyway. They look weird all clean.
Getting a really good price on it and it should fit very similar to my other recent purchase. y/n?
Think layering a heat tech shirt and uniqlo light down jacket under a leather will be enough to keep me warm during the cold Korean winter? I want to keep wearing my leather jackets once it gets freezing
My black uniqlo jeans are disintegrating
Huh, it's a brand new leather and didn't stretch out at all. My new purchase fit tighter than that then a day later fit just right. Do agree he shouldn't get that one though and arms are too short.
More people should get the 2010 DR. It is the best one.
wasn't liking the socks/shoes combo with the rest of your bacon, but then I noticed the sufu x ebbets cap you have so it made a bit more sense. Still think it'd be better without the greys though.dunno man I think there's nothing wrong with pairing one nice piece with a bunch of more mundane things (that's basically what I do for every fit anyway other than full suit pics where it is all out baller all the time)this owns, just quoting so it won't get lost in the willy...
Yep, not surprised at them being mistaken. Only one person has ever successfully pulled off wearing that suit.
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