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my toj moto is actually pretty loose on me but looks really great; pics don't do it justicejust wear what looks good; pics lie
looks a little similar to what I wore today
You're aware that it doesn't open until 10/21?
Loving these new jeans. Probably shouldn't tuck but I was feeling it. Collar up or down? [[SPOILER]]
Nothing big, just had one jacket I found fit really great for a low price (blue collared moto) and saw a similar DR one in measurements online for a decent price so I tried it out; would look nice on the right person but not for me.Grail is coming soon enough anyway.
After my recent miss (no regrets, was worth it to see it was a miss) it's going to be so much more awesome once my thing finishes up.
when was I ever adamant that I don't teach kids, I teach kids every day and love it also not fat
ok you got dibs if it doesn't fitthat blue jacket I just got probably shouldn't be my style either but looks fine; guess I'll risk it!nn got that wjk bomber which should be my style so I need something to match him!
Those shoes don't look good until they get a little dirty anyway. They look weird all clean.
Getting a really good price on it and it should fit very similar to my other recent purchase. y/n?
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