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Question: how much of a warmth difference is layering a down vest vs full sleeved down jacket under a leather going to make? Trying to figure out a way to keep wearing leather all winter without having to go crazy layering.
Has anyone hated on me in DT? I love negative attention so link it here please.
Your fit does look like a gap fit though? I'm not even hating just calling it for what it is. Maybe try taking a better picture if it looks better in person?
no you can'twell you could but you'd look dumb
maybe that's what he's going for???
Will send to Japanese and Korean people I know so they can laugh.
all new meaning to "when you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back into you"
Wish you wouldn't put stuff in your front pockets while having jeans that tight Lel. I think it really brings your recent fits down a notch.
What sort of person is going to say that the car they want to drive is a Toyota Camry, especially on a car enthusiast forum? It's what you want, not what you already have or can get.
haha that was what I was thinking exactly
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