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Found a wall and updated a fit from last year. [[SPOILER]]
Met a guy from Philly last night which made explaining the name of the brand a lot less awkward. Also some guy from sufu spotted me at Club Answer last night.
fuuma fit made me drag mine out plus they're really comfy and I don't care how trashed they get!
Been wearing heels too much all weekend every weekend and need a change to save my feet; what's gonna look nice with my beater black/white fake Ricks? Will look dumb with red leather won't it
looks perfect on my original toj dr and would look off without them I think
Think you owe me royalties on that one
I'm pretty sure I'm not real.
My red one is sort of thin but most Korean ones are really thin. I think the normal NZ lamb in black is the best quality. It feels like sex.
I'm occupying Seoul right now!
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