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Shoulder looks about right, and I don't remember what my original numbers were for biceps. I measured now and it was 7.5" across and is almost skin tight when I flex wearing the bomber.
I'm basically you and you're a little over 5'8" at 173cm. My bomber is 21" even in front. You might want 22 at most. 21.5 is probably best.
Working out is modern couture
my toj moto is actually pretty loose on me but looks really great; pics don't do it justicejust wear what looks good; pics lie
looks a little similar to what I wore today
You're aware that it doesn't open until 10/21?
Loving these new jeans. Probably shouldn't tuck but I was feeling it. Collar up or down? [[SPOILER]]
Nothing big, just had one jacket I found fit really great for a low price (blue collared moto) and saw a similar DR one in measurements online for a decent price so I tried it out; would look nice on the right person but not for me.Grail is coming soon enough anyway.
After my recent miss (no regrets, was worth it to see it was a miss) it's going to be so much more awesome once my thing finishes up.
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