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Fuck, is this from Battlefield Baseball? Can't believe someone else watched it.holy shit good job, this owns
Nothing. Go naked and covered in blood. Maybe wear some tennis shoes.
Guess I'll be an asshole and start giving criticism in this thread. I think his shirt doesn't go with the bottom at all and am not sure what it would look great with to be honest. Not liking the color much.
His hair is dope but mine is about 2-3x longer on top compared to his right now. It touches my lip with no product. I'm sort of tempted to cut my top hair a bunch again just to cut 2 minutes off of my monrnings.
I can't even do the Charleston dude, I'd be a disgrace No one is gonna expect deadmau5 to do anything more than look cool.Would love to do a daft punk halloween fit but it's not a sphere which makes it rather difficult considering what I have to work with
Decided to start up a Halloween costume thread and post my costume for this year. Still need to make some tweaks before I go out with it. Didn't turn out amazing but I'm just happy it actually works and feels sturdy.
I figure everyone is gonna post their costume to WAYWT but thought it would be fun to consolidate them all here. If you want we can do a contest or something a week later. First time ever making something like this so there's tons of stuff I'd change if I do it again, but was pretty fun overall! I'll be adding something to reinforce the ears before any partying happens and probably take another shot in natural lighting.
Link? Also if I'm matching GQ at any time it's purely coincidental.I think this cut frames my face the best out of everything I've tried and it passes fairly conservative places (like Hyundai Capital's main office) without even a second glance.My hair is a bit different from Dean's, but why would his hair not be fine in the USA? It's fairly conservative and usually looks good.noobizor is right, they're +J tapered, TTS. My shirt is denim and from a normal collection a...
miran that is not an overcoat that is an atrocityThey'd be +J this season, the tapered trousers. Love the fit and material but I don't wear them often since I like jeans too much.
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