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Evo pic of the Akira jacket:
Greetings from Hongdae.
haha is this a joke post
I like when they're shadow boxing at a mirror. It's like they want to beat themselves up but can't even do that.
I teach kindergarten kids every day almost and love it. Are you sure you have any idea what you're talking about?
Random Korean stuff that I think looks decent to get things back on track:
Shoulder looks about right, and I don't remember what my original numbers were for biceps. I measured now and it was 7.5" across and is almost skin tight when I flex wearing the bomber.
I'm basically you and you're a little over 5'8" at 173cm. My bomber is 21" even in front. You might want 22 at most. 21.5 is probably best.
Working out is modern couture
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