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I'll admit I think girls in oversized varsities look gooddunno (well not really) but that's definitely korea at any rate
Come back to Korea and teach me the art of deadlift (and use your muscle to hurry my jacket!).
I prefer you in your usual getup.
I look good in a tneck
Found a wall and updated a fit from last year. [[SPOILER]]
Met a guy from Philly last night which made explaining the name of the brand a lot less awkward. Also some guy from sufu spotted me at Club Answer last night.
fuuma fit made me drag mine out plus they're really comfy and I don't care how trashed they get!
Been wearing heels too much all weekend every weekend and need a change to save my feet; what's gonna look nice with my beater black/white fake Ricks? Will look dumb with red leather won't it
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