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I basically waited over a year for whiskey calf. Who knows, you might be luckier!
Still feel bad I missed you neo, but things have been really hectic for me the past few weeks. [[SPOILER]]
cross-post, already getting tons of compliments on it since last night [[SPOILER]]
jacket owns, will be wearing it out again tonight [[SPOILER]]
Sorry to interrupt all the worthless bitching but here's a couple pics I took real quick before heading out soon. Thanks for pretty much getting the perfect fit on this one.
Someone start a thread that is all tcwalter comments so I can just copy/paste random ones.
dunno I bet at least 50% could do it if they grew their hair out.
My first TOJ was in calf and it still isn't broken in well after all this time. It's also a bit too tight Hoping the next calf thing is comfortable enough to wear daily for a while when it eventually finishes.
dunno, nike and rick usually looks pretty nicesomeone still have that one fit with the nike terminators saved? that was really good
maybe cheap leather but unless you plan on getting mauled by dogs or riding a bike, you aren't going to be able to damage this lamb much
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