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My first TOJ was in calf and it still isn't broken in well after all this time. It's also a bit too tight Hoping the next calf thing is comfortable enough to wear daily for a while when it eventually finishes.
dunno, nike and rick usually looks pretty nicesomeone still have that one fit with the nike terminators saved? that was really good
maybe cheap leather but unless you plan on getting mauled by dogs or riding a bike, you aren't going to be able to damage this lamb much
Finally got the pics I wanted of my Halloween mask that I made.Bonus .gif I made:All above pics from FringeJ magazine. [[SPOILER]]
Like I said, Wooster owns so fuck you all.
Nick Wooster is cool fuck you all I'd play Saint's Row 3 with him. [[SPOILER]]
The lambskin is really, really tough. I TRASH my red every weekend and it's thinner and less resilient than black. No scuff marks yet. My black lamb endured me skidding down a pavement path after spraining an ankle. Again no marks. Water will do nothing.
T-000 stretches a lot this season fyi. I thought I'd do 31 but went with TTS at 30. It is almost too big now which is good so that I can sag it.
Disappointed that Nii didn't go as Agent 47.
obviously sq4 needs to eat (because she can't unless he does right?)
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